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Dublin, Ireland
Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.
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The 7 Things Challenge:
7 Things x 2016

My seven answers to the Day Zero alternative New Year's resolutions poll:
  1. Learn how to speak in public
  2. Start running
  3. Stop smoking
  4. Take a vacation to Iceland
  5. Find new friends
  6. Try mosaics
  7. Be more grateful
Note added to goal Read 50 new books
6. Ender's Game
Note added to goal See a play in the theater
Saw Dirty Dancing in the Grand Canal Theatre
18.08.13 - Once
18.08.13 - No.42 - Catfish
27.05.13 - Have thrown away any old, ripped, wrong size underwear
12.05.13 - I have forgotten so many times! Trying to get into a habit of playing Euromillions every Friday
12.05.13 - Eat Pray Love
Note added to goal Read 50 new books
4. The Road - Cormac McCarthy
5. The Stand - Stephen King
Said Yes to a late meetup after a concert. Turned out to be a great night. I need to be more open to spontaneous ideas
16.03.13 - I was in the audience for The Saturday Show in RTE
27.03.13 - Sent email to find out how I change my address on the register
27.03.13 - In progress. I have gotten a lot of photos printed and now need to buy albums and organise them.
Note added to goal Try a new recipe every month
27.03.13 - I have not done this every month but I have started trying a lot of new recipes lately. I am going to start my own recipe book / box. Ones I have tried:
- Spicy beef stirfry
- Sweet and sour chicken
- Salmon burgers
- Spaghetti tagliateli
I will add to this list as I try more new ones!
Note added to goal Buy a house
27.03.13 - We have most of our deposit saved and we are checking out possible areas we would like to live in. Exciting
Note added to goal Make my own pizza
Made Superhealthy Pizza from BBCGoodFood
Note added to goal Try 10 new restaurants
22.03.13 - Went to Sabor Brazil for my birthday
Note added to goal Get laser hair removal
Got 6 sessions done on upper lip. Didn't notice any difference and it was painful!! I also didn't like the fact that the hair had to be shaved off before each session. Think I'll stick to waxing
30.10.12 - Marking as complete as the wedding is over! Between running, diet and other exercise I was happy with the way I looked!
06.08.12 - Gym membership lapsed. I have been doing some running, some Turbofire vids and have signed up for Bootcamp. May also do some pilates!
06.06.12 - No.18 - Food, Inc.
05.06.12 - No.28 - Gasland
04.06.12 - No.2 - The thin blue line
Note added to goal Quit smoking
03.06.12 - Over 5 months now. Once I have made it 6 months I will mark this as done.
25.05.12 - No. 39 - Biggie & Tupac
30.04.12 - No. 25 - Enron: The smartest guys in the room
27.04.12 - No. 41 - The King of Kong
27.04.12 - No. 29 - Man On Wire
Note added to goal Get to my ideal weight
25.04.12 - Lost 3lbs to date. Still keeping my food diary
Note added to goal Try Bikram Yoga
20.04.12 - Whoa! that was hard, very hard. I am going to try a few more classes and see if it's something I want to do regularly
25.04.12 - Got microdermabrasion done
Note added to goal Donate blood 3 times a year
29.03.12 - Tried to donate but my iron count was too low Have to wait 3 months & try again
Note added to goal Try 10 new restaurants
22.03.12 - Went to Fallon & Byrne for my birthday
Note added to goal Get to my ideal weight
15.04.12 - Have started to eat more healthily. Tracking calories on MyFitnessPal
Note added to goal Read 50 new books
3. Mockingjay - Suzanne Collins
Note added to goal Quit smoking
02.04.12 - 9 weeks woohoo!!
25.03.12 - Went 3 times again this week. Feel a bit more toned around my stomach. Starting to feel fitter
22.03.12 - Have put on 3 pounds this week. According to K this is normal, I will gain muscle weight before I lose fat!
21.03.12 - Met LL and MD for dinner & drinks
17.03.12 - Had C over for St. Paddy's
19.03.12 - Went for walk with B
Staying in touch via email with S and L
Need to arrange lunch with R soon
19.03.12 - Have gone 3 times a week for the last 2 weeks. Need to step it up now to either 5 times a week or 4 plus 1 bikram/zumba class
Note added to goal Back up all digital photos
18.03.12 - Searched all hard drives for photos and backed them all up to Dropbox
15.03.12 - Got cleaning done by the hygienist. Need to go back for another session in 3 months.
15.03.12 - ** Inspiration **

It takes 4 weeks for you to notice your body changing,
8 weeks for your friends
And 12 weeks for the rest of the world.
Give it 12 weeks. Don't quit.
08.03.12 - Made it twice already this week and will go tomorrow - so 3 times this week. Not a bad start. Need some new sports bras and clothes badly!
03.03.12 - Bought a couple of new tops for work. Threw out some old ones that had holes!
08.03.12 - Still trying to have at least one meetup per week. Sometimes it's not possible so I'm making more effort with Facebook / email / gmail chat
03.03.12 - Bought a couple of cute tops for work and got compliments on them.