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May 2015 to watch 'The age of Adeline'.
Pre-Christmas dinner party with the girls (Dec 2014)
I have decided that I really do want to become a teacher... 3 years study ahead...
Completed with Gabriele Riccaridi. Kissing that stone is harder than it looks. Picture to follow...
Wicked The Hit Musical
Drove to Newbridge, Kildare.
7 weeks without chocolate
Lent 2013
Maire Ni Mathuna
Note added to goal Go to a concert
Metallica, Abu Dhabi
Bought my first Christmas jumper for the Inchineil cousin's x-mas outing.
Just after ordering a photo book of my first year in the desert.
Maire Ni Mathuna
Note added to goal Buy an abaya
Bought for going through arrivals at Cork airport to greet my family.
Maire Ni Mathuna
Note added to goal Make cookies
3 batches made over Christmas. 1 out of 3 proved to be a sucess- not bad!?!
3) Fifty Shades Darker by EL James
The Sheraton Hotel A.D for Annemarie's birthday brunch.
1)The Time of my Life by Cecelia Ahern
2) Fifty Shades of Grey by El James
Spent a lovely afternoon with my Mam in the Killarney Plaza Spa. Pure bliss!
Bright pink bike bought with a basket. Her name is Pam.
Photo booth picture taken while on holidays in Wales with Lucy Lou and Thelma.
Taught Lucy to make banana bread .
Home made birthday parcel made for Laurie O Shea
Maire Ni Mathuna
Note added to goal Go horse riding
Horse riding in Wales with Lucy and Thelma. A 2hr trip to be remembered with the rain.
Galway races 2012 with Karen, Helen and Ann.
Maire Ni Mathuna
Note added to goal Do a 10km run
10km Run completed on the 14th July 2012 with the lovely Lucy and Thelma in a time of 1hr 2 mins
Sea kayaking around Halong Bay, Vietnam.
Not a dress but 7 dresses in the lovely Hoi An. All made to fit beautifully
Rented a bike and cycled around Hoi An, Vietnam with Annemarie
Trekking in Sapa in Vietnam with Annemarie and Caitriona... trekking/ hiking are they the same thing?!
Just after sending a handwritten birthday letter to my Mam in her birthday card. Must write letters more often. There is nothing like getting a handwritten letter in the post!
Maire Ni Mathuna
Note added to goal Do a skydive
Complete on the 10th Feb with Lucy, Thelma and Annemarie over the Palm of Dubai.It was the most amazing, terrifying experience ever- breathtaking and ever so beautiful!I skipped a minute of heart beats when I was sucked out of the plane. Free falling at 220 km an hr at a height of 13,000 feet. I would truely recommend it to anyone. Task one from my 101 list- tick, tick
Spent an afternoon with the lovely Lucy and Thelma making flowers to decorate my room and candle holders. I also covered a shoe box with material to hold all my toiletries on my dresser. Not a bad evenings work. Hope to do more crafty bits soon.