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1. angkor wat, cambodia. 2. polonaruwa, sri lanka 3. Sigiriya, sri lanka 4. golden temple, dambulla, sri lanka 5. temple of the tooth relic & sacred city, kandy, sri lanka 6. historic city of ayutthaya 7. giant's causeway, ireland 8. iron bridge gorge, england 9. stonehenge, england 10. blenheim palace, england 11. city of bath, england 12. westminster abbey, england 13. caterbury cathedral, england 14. tower of london 15. edinburgh, scotland 16. royal botanic gardens, kew, england 17. redwood national park, US 18. har long bay, vietnam 19. alhambra palace, spain 20. malacca & george town, straits of malacca historic cities, malaysia 21. historic centre of florence, italy, 22. piazza del duomo (leaning tower of pisa), pisa, italy 23. venice, italy 24. San Gimignano, italy 25. siena, italy 26. verona, italy 27. seine, paris 28. canadian rocky mountain park - banff, canada
  Posted 9 years ago
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