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A goal of Pan Reas on their Original 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.
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Other notes for this Goal:
I saw Garbage! And they were amazing. I’ve been a fan for half my life and missed out when they were last here eight years ago. What made this show so fantastic was the love between the band and the fans. It was clear how happy they were to be here and how happy we were to have them. Such genuine smiles from Shirley! The best tracks were Control, a rearrangement of Only Happy When it Rains and You Look So Fine, which had a much longer coda than usual.
I’m so glad I didn’t end up going to the Sydney Soundwave show as there was a massive problem with floods delaying their gear truck and they couldn’t play. Would have been gutted!
Worth the wait for sure but Shirley said she hoped it wouldn't be eight years before they came back. Let's hope!
Purchased tickets for the Melbourne show in February. So excited!
Sideshow dates announced for Melbourne and Sydney. I have to work out where I’ll be! And hope it goes well when tickets go on sale later this week.
Well, I've been waiting about a year for them to announce Australian dates and they've announced that they're playing at the Soundwave festival early next year. I'm not particularly interested in the festival, but tickets have just gone on sale and no sideshows announced yet, so I decided I may as well get them - I have after all previously said that I'm willing to travel if I have to, and this is no more expensive.
I expect to be in Sydney at the time so have bought Sydney tickets. If they do a sideshow I'll definitely get tickets to that too.