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Maybe it’s a bit late but before 40! Wrigley Field and the Cubbies!
Steph P
Note added to goal stop chewing my nails
still a work in progress but greatly improved (the nail polish helps A LOT in this regard).

Those be blind hem stitches, yo.
Mom helped me. She's taught me in the past, but I always forget. We'll hope this time is for always remembering.
I made a lot of progress on this. I still have work to do, but I'm pretty happy about this.

A colleague said our students may not share their ideas often as we will always "add to their opinion," suggesting to the pupil that their perspective wasn't good enough. I do that a lot. More work for the future.
My 1001 days is almost done. I'm not going to finish the whole list. It's okay. I don't really care. I'll move them to a 40x40 list (18 months!) but again, no stress if they still don't get finished.
Steph P
Note added to goal Fly in a hot air balloon
Steph P
Note added to goal Fly in a hot air balloon
I *think* I just won a trip for two in a Hot Air Balloon for 1/2 price (United Way Fundraiser). Fingers crossed!!

Organized. From three clear bins to 1 & my tool kit.
I'm trying to shake things up into the home stretch of this list.

Started Couch to 5K running Sept 18

Joined Spinning/Yoga - Iron North Gym, Friday mornings. (first sept 23)
Steph P
Note added to goal Create a will
I have a pre-planning package AND someone to work with in completing this task. $400. yay for my connections with Betty Anne!
Steph P
Note added to goal Start my Masters
So... instead of a masters, I am going to get additional Tech qualifications.

Starting Oct 11, I'm doing my Hapara Certified Educator quals. It's a step in the learning I want to do for me. AND its free.
Funny story... I bought new heads for this today.

Except now I can't find the top attachment for the stupid toothbrush - just the charger and the base.

Ok. It wasn't a canoe trip, but it was car camping and we took a canoe on the water (which Bugsy was very unsure of.) it was three days in Sharbot Lake Provincial Park and utterly divine for privacy, relaxation & short hikes.

Mom scored this beauty at a second hand shop. $9. I just need to get it to my house to reorganize my tools!!

From top, Clockwise: original; first stripper effort, Bugsy as Supervisor; side two; first sanding (60 grade).
Amendment: this one is looking less & less likely. So I thought I'd take on a new project: Refinishing a cabinet. I got started today.

We inherited this puppy from Michele who's parents got it just after they were married in the early 70s. It's our Liquor Cabinet.
Steph P
Photo added to goal Cook scallops at home

Slicing, searing, plating, bacon-cream-saucing, enjoying!
Steph P
Note added to goal Cook scallops at home
I had to sell a kidney to pay for the cost of the scallops but it was totally worth it.
Australia: Tim Winton's Dirt Music, Bill Bryson's A Sunburnt Country
Netherlands: Diary of Anne Frank

Prague, Czechia, Old Town Hall. July 2016.

Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna, Austria, July 2016

Sintra Palace (Portugal), Jul 7 - 14, 2016

Cloister of Monastery of St Jerome in Belem, Portugal.
3/5 Done (Maureen, Al, Jen G) Two more to go!
Circque du Soliel, June 2016, Kathryn
Austria: Vienna Nocturne by Viven Shotwell
England: Life after Life - Kate Atkinson
Germany: The Book Thief

This is about as close I as I'm going to come in a rental unit. This year we're growing jalapeño peppers, basil, thai coriander, greek basil, stevia and mint. And I bought a plant that can handle the shade.

Tulip festival, Mud Over Pottery painting, High Tea, Dog Walking, Indian Food. What a weekend for Afty!

Steph P
Note added to goal Fly in a hot air balloon
I don't think I'll do this before November.

But I did learn to throw an axe today.

Rich assessment tasks & KIVA w presentation partner Len Baldin at BOLTT conference for E Learning Consortium.

Cuba, Mar 2015
"Staff Room" at Gladstone Theatre w Nick - Apr 23, 2016
I've decided this is not a good purchase anymore. Any serious walking will be done with Miss Bugsy, and the poles are seriously impeded by her leash.
Steph P
Photo added to goal Change Schools

I am thinking that the best way to do this is to amend the idea to 5 people who have positively influenced me "at Holy Trinity." It takes the Al Dufour Practice of say, Sorry, Thank you and Goodbye practice to my own 'leaving' at HT. Also, it gives me a better and closer deadline for June.
Steph P
Note added to goal Live my "New Years Word"
Release: 2016.
Steph P
Note added to goal Change Schools
... now let the official notice appear for "all ears."

Beetle!! This was a lot intricate than I anticipated. I made a lot of mistakes, but have been told that The Irish purposely make mistakes to ward off evil spirits. And the Quakers always purposely put in a mistake, because the only one who could be perfect was God.
Through my e-learning connections, I'm presenting at the OeLC's BOLTT Day on May 10th, 2016, at the Delta Toronto East!!
Steph P
Photo added to goal Visit Costa Rica

And again in 2016!
Jason Marsalis, jazz, Snig Harbour, w/Nick Jan 9, 2016
Tuesdays with Morrie, w Nick, Mar 10 2016

Mexico, May 2015

Slowly by surely.

Supplies. Micheals may get addictive.

Goal. Rhino Beetle. 14" x 11.