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Albuquerque, NM
Retired after spending half my life as a computer programmer. My 101 Things list started on my retirement date. Hoping to do many more than 101. Sam
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The COVID-19 virus cancelled my travel plans and kept me from doing much shopping and eating out in March and April. This made me stay within my budget for the months of Nov 2019 - April 2020. Woo Hoo! Quite a bit too late to complete by my 1001 Days deadline...
Was planning to visit the memorial before flying to Egypt in April, 2020 but the coronavirus put an end to those plans.
My planned trip to see the pyramids in April, 2020 was cancelled due to the coronavirus (sigh).
Anne-Marie O'Neill I'm really sorry to hear that your trip has been cancelled. Are you able to change the dates?
2 months ago

Smaller than I expected, the museum has a bunch of displays, mostly of action figures. 12/5/19

The museum had lots of oddities and a pretty fair wax museum chamber of horrors. I can heartily recommend. 12/5/19

Finished this long after the 1001 days deadline. 16' or so of new trim to replace these rotted sections.

Went there to see and was duly impressed with the Superheroes/Batman exhibits. 10/16/2019
Photo added to goal Visit Machu Picchu

What an amazing place. I can absolutely recommend a visit. And I visited on Friday the 13th--and there was a full moon out as we rode the train back from the site. Life is good. 9/13/2019

We spent two days visiting Yosemite National Park and made it to Glacier Point for a great view of Half Dome. Strongly recommended. 6/3/2019

My very first view of giant sequoia trees was in Sequoia National Park on a trip with five friends and family. The park is well worth a trip. 6/1/2019

This morning I walked to the trailhead at the top of my street. Not sure why I didn't do this during the 1001 days of the 101 Things list.

I replaced most of the trim and repainted the entire exterior of the shed. Too late for the 101 Things in 1001 Days list.
Was scheduled for this tour in Feb, 2019 and got rained out. Was able to make a soggy visit on the ground but that doesn't count.
Photo added to goal Visit Gatorland

Had a great day at Gatorland. Saw the three shows they offered and I skipped the zipline over the gators. Really cool place.
Photo added to goal Visit Chichen Itza

Visited the site as an excursion from Cozumel while on a Princess Cruise. Long day.

Went with a few friends on a Safari in South Africa and Zimbabwe. We saw the Big Five and as a special treat got to see a herd of elephants cross the Zambezi River. Best trip ever! September, 2018

As part of a trip to attend my 40th high school reunion in PA, I made it to the Henry Ford and did the Museum of Innovation. Needed more time to see Greenfield Village. Next time. 6/19/2018

The Mel Fisher Treasure Museum was the first place on my list for Key West Florida and it was fascinating. I even bought a small piece of jewelry made from silver brought up from the wreck of the Atocha. So cool. 3/7/2018

We stopped for a way-too-short visit to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial on a bus tour to Branson, MO with Sun Tours. 5/17/2018
Photo added to goal Visit Key West

While in southern Florida prior to going to Panama & Costa Rica, I drove down to Key West. Visited the Mel Fisher Treasure Museum, the Hemingway House, and the Southernmost Point of the US. 3/7/2018
Photo added to goal See the Everglades

Had a great visit to the Everglades and other south Florida parks before heading to Panama & Costa Rica for a great tour. 3/6/2019

Spent a nice day at Colonial Williamsburg with my east coast siblings. Very well done and a second day would have been nice. 6/26/2018
Donated over $10 today for each missed goal to local PBS station, KNME.

Inspired by a visit to our local Tinkertown Museum, the Abita Mystery House is a wonderful way to kill a few hours. So much to see. I enjoyed this museum on 2/18/2018 after disembarking from a New Orleans Mardi Gras cruise. Well done Abita!
It was a long haul but all 240 or so toy pages on my website pass Google's Mobile Friendly test.
Oops. Waited too long. Planned to go today, 11/10/17 only to find out that it is closed from November til March. No way to complete before my 1001 days runs out. Sucks to be me.

Not an award winning effort by any means but it is a homemade costume.
Photo added to goal Make a new wallet

Still have all my leathercraft tools from high school. Just not all the talent.
Photo added to goal Make a new wallet

Started this wallet on Labor Day and finally stitched it together today. Not my finest work but it's been 10 years or so since I've done any leather work. Mr. Lehman, my leathercraft teacher in high school would likely have given me a B-minus at best.

The museum is so interesting that I'm going to go to the other location in New Orleans in February. No photography is allowed inside so I have only memories. Well done site that would take multiple visits to catch everything going on here. I'll go back sometime.

View of the Chapel at the Vietnam Veteran's Memorial in northern New Mexico. This park is one of the most deeply moving places I've ever visited. I'll go back again and spend more time here reflecting on the great sacrifices our brave troops made to buy my freedom.

Went on a guided tour of Independence Hall with a half dozen or so members of my family. So interesting.

The Mutter Museum's catch phrase "Disturbingly Informative" is right on. I enjoyed the Museum immensely and was just a bit freaked out at the same time. Visited with my dear sister-in-law Sharon.
Photo added to goal See the Liberty Bell

Got to see the Liberty Bell with a large group of my family. Very well done.
Photo added to goal See a Glacier

Skillet Glacier on Mount Moran in the Grand Tetons range as seen from Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Not quite as impressive as the Mendenhall Glacier I was supposed to see in Juneau (and missed due to a murder on our cruise ship), this still counts. I do want to see a bigger glacier from closer but can check this off the list for now.

A huge hillside containing over 1500 Dinosaur bones was excavated but most bone left in place. A huge building was built around the hillside so folks can view the boneyard in comfort. So well done.

Visited Crazy Horse Monument as part of a 13 day bus tour. Saw it on the same day as Mount Rushmore. Both are quite impressive and should they ever make real progress on this monument, it will be even cooler than the four presidents. Been working on it since 1948 and his face was complete in 1998. Not much progress since (in my opinion). Still amazing to see. I took the $4.00 school bus ride to get closer to the monument to get this picture. Otherwise you only see his face in full-on profile.

This is the 308' tall Lower Falls at Artist Point in the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone River. Went to Yellowstone over two days after the Total Eclipse. Part of a 13 day National Parks of the Rockies tour with YMT Vacations. Well done and highly recommended.
Photo added to goal Visit Mount Rushmore

On a 13 day tour of National Parks of the Rockies (and the Total Eclipse) we made it to Mount Rushmore and I was duly impressed.
Since I know that I won't finish at least 10 items on the list,
And since the need for Hurricane Harvey aid is so great,
And since the AARP Foundation is matching donations,
I donated $100 through their site just now.
See the button on the right hand side of their website: http://www.aarp.org/aarp-foundation/

I got to spend just over an hour here on a recent Alaskan Inside Passage Cruise and I needed about 10 hours. It is the most beautiful gardens I've ever seen.

The major draw to the Evergreen Aviation Museum is The Spruce Goose, Howard Hughes wooden flying boat built during WWII. You can't imagine how big this plane is. Was worth the 4 hour drive from Seattle just to see her.
I've been pretty good at calling my brother and sisters regularly these past few years, as well as sending them postcards from a few of my trips. Marking this one as done.

It took two years and a month but I finally am able to check this one off. Woo hoo!

This is the final resting place of the original living Smokey Bear. Found clinging to a burnt tree in 1950, the small cub was rescued and nursed back to health. He lived for the next 25 years in the National Zoo in Washington, DC and upon his death, was transported back to the Smokey Bear National Historical Park in Capitan, NM where he was found. God Speed Smokey.

Took a trip that included three National Parks/Monuments, three state parks, and two museums over Memorial Day weekend 2017. Made it to Smokey Bear park on our way home to Albuquerque, 5/30/2017.

Up about 180 feet from the valley floor, this is the first look at the Gila Cliff Dwellings from the path to them. There are 40 rooms built into five natural caves that were occupied by Native Americans from about 1267 to 1300 AD. The trail to the top is well done but tiring. You can go into the large caves and see most of the rooms. Well done. Visited with my youngest son on 5/25/2017.

Arrived at the visitor center and got maps and info on the cliff dwellings.

I sold a few items for $77 at my Flea Market table at a local senior center. Picture is of everything that didn't sell that I had to drag home.

Spent a number of hours at the Terra Cotta Warriors in Xi'an China on 5/4/2017. Shown here is Pit 1, the largest of the excavations at the site. Absolutely the coolest things I've ever seen in my life. Highly recommended.