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Writer. Wife. Cat owner.
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24. Lin cooked a thoughtful dinner that worked for what we're eating. It was delicious!

Dash Coffee Roasters 11/9/19
23. Sean drove down to drop Fiddle off so I could work.
Made cashew butter instead. Yum!
22. Sean cleaned up the bathroom and got other stuff done because I wasn't feeling well.
21. I got a magical free upgrade to First Class!
20. The Australians took good care of our pets while we were on vacation.
19. Ruby put cute stickers on our phones.
18. Lisa gave me a "Shit's Bananas!" mug.
17. We rescued the greatest dog in the history of the world.
Circe 10/27/19 @ Sanctuary with Martini Night Book Club
16. Lisa asked me to give a chip to her.
15. Sean brought me flowers when I was sick.
14. Flower boys saved us from sudden death as we were sinking in mud.
Went with Mom. Total disaster and also totally fun.

13. I found the best dog!!
Tracy Towley
Photo added to goal Get a dog

12. Sarah put me in the acknowledgments in her book.
11. Lisa bought me a mug because it made her think of me.
10. Sean took care of so much moving stuff because I couldn't and he never complained.
9. Jacob came down and helped Sean with the move.
Tracy Towley
Photo added to goal Build a bookcase

8. My eye doctor fit me in even though her schedule was very tight. She gave me her cellphone number so I can get ahold of her if things get worse.
7. Sean took care of batching and put my desk together so I could take care of my work.

392 in Davenport 8/13/19
6. Sean built me built-in bookshelves for our new home.
London to Lisbon 7/17/19 & Lisbon to Chicago 7/21/19
Tracy Towley
Note added to goal Visit Lisbon
7/17/19 - 7/21/19
5. Sean picked me up from the airport with a huge sign that said 'KISS CUDDLE TIME'
Tracy Towley
Note added to goal Visit Stonehenge
Tracy Towley
Photo added to goal Visit Stonehenge

England (London and Margate) from 6/9/19 - 7/16/19
4. I saw and old man and women driving about 1,000mph in motor scooters and then a hoodlum kid threw a scooter in their path and the old lady gave him what for.
3. Lisa let me stay in an incredible flat with her cool dog and use of her car for five entire weeks!
3. Lisa let me stay in an incredible flat with her cool dog and use of her car for five entire weeks!
2. A lady came up to me on the street and needed help getting ahold of her friend in a neighboring flat. I couldn't help her but we had a humorous conversation in which she told me she was on her period for a good reason but I like to pretend it was no reason.
1. Stranger lady stopped to ask if Eddie was okay when he was playing dead. He immediately jumped up and we both had a good laugh.

Fuel in Mt. Vernon

Mary's Coffee Express in Mt. Horeb WI. Possibly the worst coffee in the world.