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7 Things x 2020 • Seven prompts to get you thinking about what you want to achieve in 2020. Enter yours now!  
A goal of Trish on their Done list!
1 Chocolate
2 Boots
3 Fourwheeling
4 Frisbee
5 Compliments
6 Harry Potter
7 Anything working on the first try
8 1000 Awesome Things Blog
9 How clean my mouth feels right after I brush my teeth
10 Autumn
11 Pumpkins & Pumpkin Flavored foods/drinks
12 The Song "Boys of Summer"
13 Having the best comeback or statement at the right time
14 Friends and Family
15 Geocaching
16 Finding a good movie on Netflix
17 Baking Cookies
18 Cats
19 Camping
20 Fireworks
21 Traveling
22 nice hotel rooms
23 national parks
24 rom-com movies
25 Norah Ephron Movies
26 Tom Hanks
27 Laughing so hard you can't breathe
28 Ordering the best of the table
29 My Kindle
30 How I feel after a good work out
31 Having an excellent Soundtrack for a Road Trip
32 Partly sunny and 72 degrees
33 Coming up with book ideas with Traci
34 Joking around with Coworkers
35 Finding forgotten money
36 Filling up the Coin Jar
37 Star Gazing
38 Watching thunderstorms off in the distance
39 Fleece Blankets
40 Hitting a green light
41 Completing a To-Do List
42 Satisfying a craving
43 Cartoons
44 A Warm Shower
45 Disney
46 Animal Watching
47 Christmas Decorations
48 Vacation Days
49 Vegetables right out of the Garden
50 Grilling
51 Finding Name correctly spelled on a Souvenior
52 Peanut Butter
53 Babies in Halloween Costumes
54 Remembering a good Dream
55 Great Photos
56 Iced Coffee
57 Recognizing what's outside the Plane Window
58 Getting Absorbed in a good book
59 Free Samples
60 Rocking out in the car with friends
61 Losing weight without trying
62 Trying a new food and liking it
63 Fire pits
64 Traci's Artwork
65 The leaves changing
66 Knowing all the words to a song
67 Halloween
68 Successfully cooking without a recipe
69 Exploring new roads
70 Visiting a new state
71 Getting in and out of a store quickly
72 Waking up feeling refreshed, not tired
73 Not having to parallel park
74 Winning
75 Watching a movie I've seen a thousand times, but still enjoy it each time
76 Hearing Meet-Cute stories
77 Acting like a Kid
78 making wishes at 11:11
79 Unloading the car in one trip
80 Sneaking food into the Theater
81 Quiete hike through the woods
82 Playing music in your head
83 Being out in the sun and not burning
84 Having a pen that writes like butter, and nobody steals it
85 Recognizing where a photo was taken
86 The cold side of the pillow
87 Laughing at a joke hours later
88 Having snow on Christmas
89 Business Trips
90 When you start to smell what's baking in the oven
91 First sweet corn of the season
92 Eye Candy
93 Good books
94 BBC Tv Shows
95 Day Trips
96 Getting checked out
97 Halloween Decorations
98 When my attempts of decorating are successful
99 Nose Goes
100 Being the only ones in a movie theater
101 Naps
  Posted 7 years ago
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