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Photo added by Shiccy. 11 months ago
Our baby girl Kuma! It means 'bear' in Japanese
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Note added by Gillian Thompson. 2 years ago
Photo added by Gillian Thompson. 2 years ago
Photo added by Gillian Thompson. 2 years ago
Photo added by Rebecka Dahlvik. 2 years ago
A dream come true! Zoey, a mix between flatcoated, nova scotia & golden retriever & husky, is now a part of our family!
Photo added by Sarah. 3 years ago
Meet Rosie! She's 12 weeks old and my first dog ever 😭😭
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His name is Apollo and he's my fur baby. I love him more than anything.
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Note added by Sarah M. 4 years ago
Lottie Lou!
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Photo added by Sebastian Cool. 5 years ago
On the Belgian national holiday, July 21st, my mom, my little sister and I went to Brussels to watch the parade. On the way back home we stopped at a big animal store and there were so many dogs. We weren't actually looking for a dog, I just wanted to know what the price for an English Bulldog was. But there were just too many cute little puppies so we couldn't resist. That's how Fientje, a little Jack Russel, became part of our family.
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Photo added by bluebluedz. 5 years ago
Lucky, 8 yr old foster dog
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Note added by Rachel Griffin. 6 years ago
Dan got Rocky in Aug/Sept 2012. That's as good as the real thing.
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Note added by Jill Hayden. 6 years ago
Shaggy joined our family on 8/28/12.
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Note added by Oksana Kulyk. 7 years ago
I'm thinking about a pug
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Note added by Rosa Park. 7 years ago
contacted Providence employee about Puggle, Izzie, and researched online for dog rescue and allergy free type dogs
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Note added by Koye Brown. 7 years ago
preferably a whippet. and preferably adopted =]
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Note added by Kerstin Lock. 8 years ago
Khloe Fresca Tomlinson came into our lives in July of 2009
Note Added
Didn't get a dog, but had a friend's for a week. We no longer feel the need to have a dog. ;) Update 10/2010 Well, we did get a dog - a friend was moving and couldn't take his with him, so we adopted her.
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Note added by Catherine Rennie. 8 years ago