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TransRockies Colorado Colorado
The TransRockies six-day stage race from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek is the most spectacular and difficult trail run in the country. For pros, there’s a purse ($20K). For the rest of us, there’s a boast-worthy vacation: 113 miles (182 kilometers) and 18,000 feet (5,486 meters) of elevation gain, all above 7,500 feet (2,286 meters) amid grandiose ruggedness."

Petrified Forest National Park Arizona
Most of the Petrified Forest National Park's petrified wood comes from tall conifers. These ancient trees grew more than 200 million years ago along waterways, where periodic flooding uprooted trees."

Build a snowman
Source: hello-julie

Martyrs Memorial Algeria
Algeria is the largest country in Africa, the Arab world, and the Mediterranean. The iconic concrete monument of the Martyrs Memorial represents the struggle for independence from France, which was achieved in 1962.

Nemrut Dagi Turkey
One of the most jaw-dropping places to visit in Turkey is Mount Nemrut. With a stupendous 50-meter high tomb hill, multiple statues, and a panoramic view of the surrounding landscapes, this is an iconic landmark of the country. Visit early in the morning as the sunrise is often cited as one of the most impressive things about this place."

Atacama Desert in Full Bloom Chile
People do visit Chile’s Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on the planet, for the colors. The barren, sculpted earth is painted with an earthen palette of mineral hues: Purples and pinks, beiges and greens, all deepening and transforming by sunset and moonlight. Hence, the Moon Valley gets its name."
Source: viator.com

Christ the Redeemer Brazil
Christ the Redeemer is a statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; considered the largest Art Deco statue in the world and the 5th largest statue of Jesus in the world.

Big Cypress National Preserve Florida
The “big” in Big Cypress is much more about land and sky than about trees. Most of the preserve’s giant cypress trees were long ago logged out, leaving behind their stunted kin. But few places can match the sense of spacious wilderness (720,000 acres, or 292,000 hectares) and primal pleasure of Big Cypress Swamp when you hike it under its own terms. Which, we submit, is when it’s underwater. That’s right—conventional wisdom may say to stick to the dry season, and that’s fine."

Gullfoss (Golden Falls) Iceland
One of the most popular tourist attractions in Iceland, the Gullfoss is a 2-tiered waterfall with a total height of 32m (105ft). Also known as the Golden Falls, the Gullfoss is part of the Hvítá river. Nearby attractions include the Haukadalur geysers and Þingvellir national park. Together, these 3 sites are called the Golden Circle. Because of the popularity of the falls there is hotel accommodation nearby, but most visitors opt to stay in Reykjavík and visit the falls on the Golden Circle day trip."

Hagia Sophia Turkey
Probably the most famous tourist attraction in Turkey, the Hagia Sophia is one of the best preserved ancient buildings in the world. Built in the sixth century AD by the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, the building was converted to a mosque with the Turkish conquest and today operates as a museum. With its remarkable architecture and beautiful mix of Byzantine and Muslim adornment, the Hagia Sophia remains among the most popular sights in Turkey."
Source: historvius.com

Paddle the Outer Banks North Carolina
North Carolina’s Outer Banks represent what the eastern seaboard used to look like before all the development and jetties. Left to the whims of the wind and tide, the barrier islands and their dunes change shape from year to year. That makes for an ideal place for beach sports ranging from surfing to striper fishing."

The Ghan Australia
The Ghan, Australia’s legendary rail journey, is celebrating the 80th anniversary of its original 1,500 kms service from Adelaide to Alice Springs in the heart of the Australian Outback.
Named after the turbaned and robed ‘cameleers’ who, before roads or rail, provided the only supply route to the middle of nowhere, the Ghan first opened in 1929, and linked Adelaide to Alice Springs it took another 75 years before the track opened between Alice and Darwin."

Make pink lemonade
Strawberries lend a bright pink color and a sweet berry contrast to the tart lemon flavor in this quintessential summer drink.
Source: bbcgoodfood.com
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Featured Achievements

2016 - Done!
Michele Paes on goal Donate blood every year2 people like this

Kit Kat Kake!!
Katelyn McWilliams on goal Make a kit-kat cake2 people like this

My highlight, Itsukushima Shrine
Pan Reas on goal Visit Japan2 people like this

Just went to North Korea!
Sebastian Cool on goal Explore Pyongyang3 people like this

While I was in Dallas for Wrestlemania 32 I met Diamond Dallas Page and heard about his DDP Yoga. Came home curious about it, signed up for a three month online membership and discovered I love love love it!
Alison Thompson on goal Discover a new sport of exercise I enjoyOne person likes this

Keto Bread
Maggie on goal Bake bread from scratch2 people like this

Ines Raimundo on goal Visit AustriaOne person likes this

Sebastian Cool on goal Visit Kiev2 people like this

1. Pied Wagtail

Dutch Comic Con 2016!
Moja Schuring on goal Make my own cosplay costume3 people like this

Rowing in El Retiro - Madrid
Alexandra on goal Visit Madrid4 people like this

A lifelong goal accomplished!
Chelsea J on goal Take a picture with the Pyramids6 people like this

Sarah Gregory on goal Learn how to make an origami crane6 people like this

I bought a mandolin!! It is an Ibanez, electric acoustic.
$200- Burt Murdock Music

Steve on goal Visit the Georgia AquariumOne person likes this

Rowed in a 'gentleman's rowing skiff' yesterday. I'm not a visual/spatial person so I struggled with knowing what to do when I needed to turn the boat…
Pan Reas on goal Row along the Yarra4 people like this

Masha Harris on goal Visit the Houston Zoo5 people like this

New Zealand, Hobbiton :)
Eszter on goal Travel to a new country13 people like this

Koh Taooo
Fleur on goal Visit Ko Tao3 people like this

I'm lucky enough to live half an hour away from the Falls. But sometimes it's nice to remind yourself how lucky you are to be next to something so beautiful that people travel to from all over the world.
The photo is myself, a college roommate and her new boyfriend- what a great day! If you do the Maid of the Mist, make sure to go to the Cave of the Winds!

This is Kara! I adopted her from the care for dogs foundation shelter in Chiang Mai, Thailand whilst volunteering there last year. I fell in love with her and I had to find a way to get her home to the UK! It took many months and a lot of cash but she is now here and as happy as can be. <3
Sarah on goal Adopt a dog from a shelter11 people like this

For Christmas this year I got a lovely bath pillow and bathtub caddy, which I was eager to try out. Filled the tub with lavender chamomile bubbles, added a cup of dessert tea and some petit fours, soft piano music, and a relaxing light book. SO relaxing after working 6 days a week all month.
Megan on goal Take a bubble bath14 people like this

In April 2015 I went swimming with Dolphins in Egypt, this experience is yet to be carried out with my lovely girlfriend.
Harry Haward on goal Swim with dolphins7 people like this

Not exactly pretty as I was running out of time for this list, but it's done!
Dustin Hughes on goal Build a birdhouse4 people like this

We had a lovely afternoon tea in Harrods complete with fruit scones and a festive trifle.
Emma Kendall on goal Have afternoon tea6 people like this

My family at our Black Belt Test. December 11, 2015

Punting from Cambridge to Grantchester
Beautiful but very tiring
Stephen Greening on goal Go Punting8 people like this

Pear pie. Not bad for my first pie. :-)
Gabriela Garcia on goal Bake a pie from scratch4 people like this

I'm thinking about going to the butterfly garden at the Ashland Nature Center (a part of the Delaware Nature Society), so for now I'm going to save the link in this handy-dandy spot.

Jennifer Zink on goal Visit a butterfly garden6 people like this

Nikita Lindsay on goal Try archery4 people like this

Me at the top of the mountain. Love that view!
Victoria on goal Hike Old Rag2 people like this
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