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Go stargazing
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Note Added
Note added by Rachel Leung. 1 years ago
Completed: Sep 2nd, 2018

Lion's Head Beach, ON.
Sauble Beach

Saw the brightest star in the sky (North Star), Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and the Milky Way.

Also witnessed two shooting stars, and made a wish!
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Note added by Fran. 2 years ago
At Kielder Observatory. Alas, it was a very cloudy night!
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Note added by Trixie. 3 years ago
Not a whole lot of stars on Cincy, but I did this solo by candle light withat music. It was nice.
Note Added
Star gazing at the fort in pine springs ranch for LLUSOM retreat 2014 ms2
Photo added by Valerie. 5 years ago
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Note added by Erin Behan. 6 years ago
I actually do this a lot! It's amazing to think of how much is out there we have no clue about or how stars are light years away!
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Note added by Nikie Veld. 6 years ago
Two Rivers soccer camp 2013
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Note added by Seth Nelson. 6 years ago
Went out the evening of August 10th to watch the Perseid meteor shower. There was quite a bit of waiting for meteors, so it was a good time to test our Astronomy knowledge. It was an incredibly clear night - not a cloud in the sky. The Seven Sisters was the first thing that I saw as I went outside. Something that I had never seen was the plane of the Milky Way, which is surprisingly neat and obvious.I didn't have a camera that couldn't take exposure shots, so that was a bit of a drag. Oh well, so it goes.
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Note added by Teresa Roffey. 7 years ago
Went stargazing at the Edinburgh Observatory
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Note added by Jess Hansford. 9 years ago
And watched the perseid meteor showers with nick.
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Note added by Holly Rogers. 10 years ago
Accomplished May 11th 2010 Walked to the dykes with Courtney Harris and stargazed.