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Ideas & Inspiration

The Diamond on Longs Peak Colorado
In general, Colorado’s famed fourteeners—the state’s 54 peaks over 14,000 feet (4,267 meters) tall—are pretty easy to climb. This makes the east face of 14,259-foot (4,346-meter) Longs Peak in Rocky Mountain National Park, which serves up the biggest buffet of multipitch, big-wall routes this side of Yosemite, even more of a prize. The east face’s sheer, 2,000-foot-high (609-meter-high) Diamond is a true, big mountain adventure that requires confidence in climbing 5.10 rock and the guts to sleep out in a portaledge."

The Big Hole in Kimberley South Africa
Kimberley (the capital of the Northern Cape, South Africa) is famous with the Big Hole. It’s a huge open-pit diamond mine and claimed to be the largest hole excavated by hand. 50,000 miners dug a almost circular hole with a surface area of about 17 hectares, a perimeter of about 1,6 km and depth around of 215m, right in the middle of the town."
Source: wayfaring.info

Raft the Green River Utah
One of the most dramatic shot runs in the U.S. Four days of Class III through Dinosaur National Monument’s Gates of Lodore."

Trolltunga Cliff Norway
Trolltunga Cliff is a horizontally hanging rock formation in Skjeggedal, Norway. Translated in English as “The Trolls Tongue”, Trolltunga lingers around 700 feet above the Norwegian lake known as Ringedalsvatnet.

Poy Sang Long parade Thailand
Deemed by the local authority and the Tourism Authority of Thailand as a unique festival, Poi Sang Long, is one of the most significant and important traditions practiced in Mae Hong Son. This particular festival celebrated during the month of March marks the Buddhist novice ordination ceremony which the Thai Yai people hold to be a highly meritorious occasion."

Canoe the Boundary Waters Minnesota
If you’re planning to rob a bank in the Midwest, arguably your best escape route is through the Boundary Waters Canoe Area. After entering this one-million-acre (400,000-hectare) bastion of lakes, streams, and primordial pine, birch, and aspen forests, you’re very unlikely to be found. That goes for law-abiding escapists, too. The Boundary Waters offer some 1,500 miles (2,414 kilometers) of canoe routes and 2,000 secluded campsites; in other words, it's the perfect territory in which to disappear for a while."

Palacio da Pena Palace Portugal
Located in Portugal, Sintra is the Palacio da Pena Palace of 15th Century. This was re constructed on 18th Century. This is situated on the top of a hill above the town of Sintra. It came into existence in the 15th century, however it was donated to the church as a monastery."
Source: ces.co.uk

TransRockies Colorado Colorado
The TransRockies six-day stage race from Buena Vista to Beaver Creek is the most spectacular and difficult trail run in the country. For pros, there’s a purse ($20K). For the rest of us, there’s a boast-worthy vacation: 113 miles (182 kilometers) and 18,000 feet (5,486 meters) of elevation gain, all above 7,500 feet (2,286 meters) amid grandiose ruggedness."

Bike across America United States of America
Here’s one way to outdo the all-American cross-country road trip: travel by bicycle. The best way is along the TransAmerica Trail, a low-traffic, highly scenic back-roads route the Adventure Cycling Association designed specifically for cyclists for the country’s bicentennial. Passable between May and September, the route takes three months, factoring in stops to smell the flowers along the way—and there are plenty of proverbial flowers. Between Astoria, Oregon, and Yorktown, Virginia, riders pedal past rugged beaches, ancient lava beds, high passes in the Rockies, fertile farmland, and snowcapped peaks."

Preah Vihear Temple Cambodia
Preah Vihear lies in Sisaket province of Cambodia and directly on the edge of the Thai border. This natural barrier, which encloses the Cambodian plain, was crossed by a number of roads that led to the sacred sites dedicated to the god Shiva of Wat Phu in Laos and Phimai in present day Thailand."

'Forest of Statues' in San Agustin National Archaeological Park Colombia
Pre-Columbian stone statues in the 'Forest of Statues' in San Agustin National Archaeological Park, Huila, Colombia.

ICEHOTEL in Jukkasjärv Sweden
Sculpted entirely from snow and ice, this amazing hotel was the first of its kind and remains the largest in the world today. With indoor temperatures of around -5 degrees centigrade the Ice Hotel is built anew each winter offering a new and exciting experience for visitors. Beds are sculpted from solid ice with warm fur throws laid on for comfort – and there is no need for fridges to keep drinks in the bar cool!"
Source: fungur.com

Pico Cão Grande (Great Dog Peak) São Tomé and Príncipe
The Pico Cão Grande (Great Dog Peak) is a landmark needle-shaped volcanic plug peak in São Tomé and Príncipe, located in the south of São Tomé Island in Obo National Park."

Morocco's International Nomad Festival Morocco
One of the smaller but not less interesting festivals in Morocco is the Festival International des Nomades in the small desert village M’hamid. It is a colorful joyful festival that attracts more and more tourists every year. It features dance, music, exhibitions, conferences and handicraft displays with a number of international artists."

Water-Splashing Festival China
The annual Water-Splashing Festival is most important holiday of the Dai people. Held during the sixth month of the Dai calendar, usually falling in the middle of April, it is also known as the Festival for Bathing the Buddha."

Horsepack the Gila Wilderness New Mexico
A founder of the Wilderness Society and granddaddy of American conservation, Aldo Leopold once worked for the U.S. Forest Service in the high, wild Mogollon Mountains of New Mexico. It was here that he dreamed up the idea of legal “wilderness.” In a 1921 article for the Journal of Forestry, Leopold declared that wilderness should be "a continuous stretch of country preserved in its natural state, open to lawful hunting and fishing, big enough to absorb a two weeks’ pack trip, and kept devoid of roads, artificial trails, cottages, or other works of man."

Bagrati Cathedral Georgia
The Cathedral of the Dormition, or the Kutaisi Cathedral, more commonly known as Bagrati Cathedral, is an 11th-century cathedral church in the city of Kutaisi, the region of Imereti, Georgia. The cathedral, now in ruins, is a masterpiece in the history of medieval Georgian architecture."
Source: flickr.com
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Featured Achievements

These guys turned into a two course meal consisting of Buffalo worm ravioli and an Azian salad with grasshopper.

Ironwood Par 3 course at Lake Calabogie.
Allison Delaney on goal Take golf lessonsOne person likes this

My hair is out of control


Lisa on goal Take a photo the Angel of the NorthOne person likes this

Various times while in the Galapagos 8/9-8/16/15
Amanda Fahrenbach on goal Go snorkeling2 people like this

Sunrise in Muskoka
Keri Thompson on goal Wake up early to watch the sunrise3 people like this

Boulder Beach at Silverwood! Spent a long time floating the lazy river with my girlfriends, also had fun in the wave pool and on the waterslides. Perfect thing as summer starts to wind down.

Spent a day in Nagcarlan, Laguna!
Abby Dela Cruz on goal Travel to 10 new citiesOne person likes this

WE DID IT! Sgt. Keith A Ferguson Memorial 5K in New York, New York over the Brooklyn Bridge. An experience I will never forget among a community filled with such passion and love. So honored to have been a part of it and to have shared this memory with Trista!
Bree B on goal Run a 5K in a different state3 people like this

Xavier loves to go kayaking.
Teresa Patterson on goal Go kayakingOne person likes this

Lydia Cox on goal Complete a charity run2 people like this

Kelly Schienbein on goal Go kayakingOne person likes this

SWITZERLAND , March 2015

Miluti on goal Adopt a pet2 people like this

Rebecca Taylor on goal Complete a mud run3 people like this

The Caterpillar Visitors Center with Dad, a great day!
Rebecca D. on goal Visit the Caterpillar Museum with Dad4 people like this

Stephanie Jones on goal Ocean Rowing!!One person likes this

finally got to see my childhood obsession in real life

Hawaiian Ham Roll Sliders

The Natural History museum in Oxford. Very cool!
Fran on goal Visit 5 museums3 people like this

Orlando City Game!! (7.18.15)
Bethany on goal Travel to MLS GameOne person likes this

Andie P on goal Make a blanket fort2 people like this

Just visited Tournai by myself, a city in Belgium, during my weekend. I stayed in a B&B.
Sebastian Cool on goal Go on a weekend alone2 people like this

It took 6 days to walk the entire 84 miles from Newcastle to Carlisle and this was one of the many scenic views along the route.
Richard on goal Complete Hadrian's Wall6 people like this

As You Like It was wonderful and hilarious!

Moja Schuring on goal Go on a city/road trip2 people like this

KamaileMats on goal Kayak to the Mokes5 people like this

Участие и призовые места по пожарно-прикладному спорту.
Stanislav on goal To be a firefigher!2 people like this

Besa de Miri on goal Participate in a Color Run3 people like this

Roxana Sorooshian on goal Be an awesome bridesmaidOne person likes this

Oh hi there, Seattle! First time in Washington!

City hall and Brabofontain in Antwerp
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