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See the stark landscapes around Ol Doniyo Lengai (volcano) the supposed home of the Masai God TANZANIA / Try fermented banana & millet beer called Mbege at the Chagga region TANZANIA / Read the entire Bible / Read 100 books / Volunteer / Make a quilt / Ride on a train / Learn to make candles / Go to the opera / Go to the ballet / Move to a new city / Travel to all 50 states / Get married / Go to 5 different museums / Drink absinthe / Go Scuba Diving in the Cancun Underwater Museum MEXICO / Send myself an e-mail via www.futureme.org / Try 10 new restaurants / Go snowboarding / See Niagara Falls NEW YORK / Travel to Mexico / Visit Oregon Zoo OREGON / Visit Crater Lake National Park OREGON / Complete a 'Walk To Mordor' challenge / Give up soda for a year / Complete the 52 week money challenge / Watch 52 films in 52 weeks / Take a self portrait every week for one year / Go Camping Under the Northern Lights / Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter FLORIDA / Run a marathon / Make a custom recipe book / Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over / Attend the midnight premiere of a movie / Run a half marathon / Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet / Go back to college / Get a boyfriend / Journal every day for a month / Cook 5 meals from 5 different countries / Watch all of IMDB'S Top 250 Movies / Make play-dough / Take a free online class / Run through the garden sprinkler / Reach my goal weight / Visit Mississippi Museum of Natural Science MISSISSIPPI / Visit Disney World FLORIDA / Read a book based on a true story / Read a book by a female author / Read a book written by someone under 30 / Read the entire bible / Complete the 52 week money challenge / Look up something new on Wikipedia every day for a year / Ask 20 friends to suggest one book, and read them all / Plant a tree / Not log into Facebook for a whole week! / Write a short story / Go to the zoo / Read 100 books / No fast food for a month / Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet / Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind" / Donate blood / Say "yes" to something I would not normally do / Identify 100 things that makes me happy / Plant a herb garden / Graduate / Donate blood / Get a tattoo / Buy a bicycle / Read a nonfiction book / Visit 10 museums / Buy a new bicycle / Surprise someone with flowers / Get a job / Walk in the rain / Go to a Giants game / Help someone in need / Organize my book shelf / Visit 10 National Parks / Give a stranger a compliment / Stay up for new year countdown with friends / Visit Jenny Lake in Grand Teton National Park WYOMING / Go to Norway / Start a blog / Go to Disneyland from opening to closing / Live in a new city / Get a new digital camera / Learn how to manage my money / Own a fabulous pair of designer shoes / Make an advent calendar / Sort out my wardrobe and donate any old clothes / Learn to shoot a handgun / Move into my own place / Ride a roller coaster / See a live comedy act / Read a book a month / Go to the botanical gardens / See a ballet / Learn to curl my hair / Get a family picture taken / Be a tourist in my own city / Spend a day exploring my city / Make fondue / Read 101 novels / Visit the NaPali Coast on Kauai HAWAII / Hit golf balls at the driving range / Visit an art exhibition / Enter a photography contest / Start a savings account / Track all my spending for a month / Indoor skydive / Go to the dentist / See a falling star and make a wish / Buy a hat / Host a house party / See a live comedy show / Travel to San Francisco / Hit golf balls at a driving range / Watch 10 movie "classics" I haven't seen before / Be present at a birth / Travel first class / Have a sleepover party / Attend a comedy show / Memorize the capital of each state / Bake and decorate a cake / Read 5 classics I should have read but have never got around to / Have my teeth whitened / Visit Shenandoah National Park VIRGINIA / Attend a stand-up comedian show / Travel to Hawaii / Learn to ride a horse / Go to 5 new restaurants / Pay every bill on time for 3 months / Visit Custer State Park SOUTH DAKOTA / Vote in a presidential election / Move to Texas / Go to a planetarium / See a Broadway show / Read the entire Chronicles of Narnia / Take an archery class / Cook a Thanksgiving dinner / Visit Jackson Hole WYOMING / Be in a fashion show / Go to Universal Studios / Complete at least 24 hours of community work / Buy a new swimming costume / Search for a rainbow on a rainy day / Sleep in a treehouse / Watch the Super Bowl / Visit the Lincoln Memorial and Reflecting Pool WASHINGTON, D.C. / Take pictures in a photo booth / Watch "Breakfast at Tiffany's" / Learn CPR / Try a new sport / Go to 5 different museums / Buy a new lens for my camera / See a stand up comedian live / Visit Colorado UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Drive Skyline Drive VIRGINIA / Eat something I've never eaten before / Visit the Uffizi Gallery in Florence ITALY / Read a dystopian or post-apocalyptic novel / Buy something on eBay / Experience zero gravity / Visit Notre Dame Cathedral FRANCE / Visit the Eiffel Tower PARIS / Visit the Palace of Versailles FRANCE / Visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) TURKEY / Visit Hagia Sophia TURKEY / Visit Cologne Cathedral GERMANY / Visit the Colosseum ITALY / Generate passive income / Go back to college / Go back to college / Attend a drum circle / Make a list of 101 things I have already achieved / Donate blood / Journal every day for a month / Try absinthe / Register as an organ donor / Move out of my parent's house / Try 10 new cocktails / Make a list of 100 things I want to do before I die / Go on a meditation retreat / Be debt free / Climb a mountain / Overcome my fear of flying / Learn Italian / See a drive-in movie / Go camping / Spend a day at the beach / Dye my hair / Complete a coloring book / Dance in the rain / Go horseback riding / Go to the zoo / Read 100 books / Go to a concert / Meet an online friend in person / Blog at least once a week for a year / Get a new haircut / Go whale watching / See the Northern Lights / Go to a concert / Visit America / Learn how to apply eyeliner / Try Zumba / Learn to knit or crochet / Move into my own apartment / Go hiking / Go to the dentist / Participate in the King’s Day (Koningsdag) Celebrations in Amsterdam NETHERLANDS / Ride a Boat Through Glowworm Cave in Waitomo NEW ZEALAND / Experience Carnaval in Rio de Janeiro BRAZIL / Walk on Lake Baikal RUSSIA / Eat at the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo JAPAN / Hike the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu PERU / Eat Korean Street Food in Seoul SOUTH KOREA / Tour Portugal in a GoCar PORTUGAL / Go Paddleboarding in Bora Bora FRENCH POLYNESIA / Experience the Yi Peng Lantern Festival THAILAND / Zip Line Through the Rainforest in Guatemala GUATEMALA / Go Camping Under the Northern Lights / Take a Hot Mud Bath in the Sulphur Springs Volcano in St. Lucia SAINT LUCIA / Go Skinny-Dipping at Paradise Beach GREECE / Go Skydiving Over the Swiss Alps SWITZERLAND / Go Scuba Diving in the Cancun Underwater Museum MEXICO / Ride a Boat to Hannekes Boom Bar NETHERLANDS / Go to the Breaking Bad Cafe (Walter's Coffee Roastery) TURKEY / Swing in Tanjung Aan Beach in Indonesia INDONESIA / Ride a Vespa Around Rome ITALY / Attend the Sziget Music Festival in Budapest HUNGARY / See Hot Air Balloons at Sunrise at Goreme Sunset Point TURKEY / Try Sandboarding in Peru PERU / Visit the Leake Street Graffiti Tunnel LONDON / Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter FLORIDA / Attend a Yoga Retreat in Thailand THAILAND / Get a massage / Visit the Tower of London ENGLAND / Walk out across the causeway to St Michael's Mount during low tide ENGLAND / Visit Jodrell Bank ENGLAND / Explore the World War II tunnels under Dover Castle ENGLAND / Take a photo at the Royal Observatory Greewich ENGLAND / Go to Thorpe Park ENGLAND / Climb Scafell Pike ENGLAND / Have a romantic candlelit dinner / Eat at a Michelin star restaurant / Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter FLORIDA / Go to 10 restaurants I've never been before / Go to college / Visit Bath ENGLAND / Visit Stonehenge ENGLAND / Adopt an animal / Get rid of 100 things / Complete the 5000 Question Survey / Create a photo wall / Make a pie on Pi day / Get a new piercing / Do some volunteer work / Make fresh pasta / Carve a pumpkin for Halloween / Visit Kiasma FINLAND / Make a list of the 100 best experiences of my life / Get a facial / Say "yes" to something I would not normally do / Expand my vocabulary by 100 words / Visit a foreign country / Find a new hobby / Drink more water / Give up sugar for a week / Start a garden / Declutter the entire house / Make 5 new friends / Create and stick to a budget / Establish an emergency fund / Create a 5 year plan / Read 100 books / Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over / Leave an inspirational note inside a book for someone to find / Sleep under the stars / Get a tattoo / Learn to cook 10 new meals / Learn to play chess / Travel alone in a country where you don’t know the language / Take a moonlit walk on the beach / Write a living will / Visit Monument Valley ARIZONA / Visit Las Vegas NEVADA / Visit Madame Tussauds LONDON / Find out my blood type / Get my first tattoo / Design my own tattoo / Get a driver's license / Be financially independent / Visit the Tower of London ENGLAND / Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace LONDON / Have a baby / Buy a house / Get a dog /