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Go to a concert / Make a list of 50 places I would like to visit in my lifetime / Become fluent in English / Plant a window box herb garden / Take horse riding lessons / Take a painting class / Give someone a handmade gift / Expand my vocabulary by 100 words / Go on a picnic / Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in Ireland IRELAND / Go to a food festival / Go to Oktoberfest GERMANY / Go to a music festival / Get my ears double pierced / Visit 5 new cities / Visit the Rijksmuseum NETHERLANDS / Spend a night in a treehouse / Spend a night in an igloo / Stand on the Great Wall of China CHINA / Stand on the equator / Visit the Sistine Chapel VATICAN CITY / Get to my goal weight / Go jetskiing / Run a marathon / Visit Greece / See the Northern Lights / Reach my goal weight / Have my first kiss / Grow my hair long / Learn to cook / Learn to identify all the countries on a map / Stop biting my fingernails / Strike up a conversation with a stranger / Walk in the rain / Visit a castle / Paint my face for a sporting event / Build a dog house / Build a ship in a bottle / Build a snowman family / Build a capsule wardrobe / Build a blanket fort and sleep in it / Go to Disneyland for New Year's / See the New Years fireworks in Sydney Harbour AUSTRALIA / Follow through with a New Year's resolution / Read 50 books / Ride in a limousine / Jump into a pile of leaves / Throw away all my underwear and start again / Go swimming in the sea at night / Learn to locate all 50 US states on a map / Ask 20 friends to suggest one book, and read them all / Start a fire with a magnifying glass / Learn to identify all the countries on a map / Wear a fake moustache for a whole day / Make marshmallows from scratch / Complete a 365 day photo challenge / Take a mud bath / Volunteer at a soup kitchen / Get a job / Buy a whole new wardrobe / Go to all 50 states / Take a picture for each letter of the alphabet / Throw a Halloween party / Buy something from Victoria's Secret / See the Northern Lights / Learn to play guitar / Become a published author / Go to India / Learn how to ski / Go vegetarian for a week / Travel the world / Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over / Go to Hawaii / Spend a day at the beach / Go in a hot air balloon / Write a short story / Take surfing lessons / Go to the Bahamas / Visit the Grand Canyon ARIZONA / Go horseback riding / Run a marathon / Visit all 7 continents / Identify 100 things that make me happy / Get married / Swim with dolphins / Learn to play the piano / Write a novel / Learn another language / Ride an elephant / Visit the Taj Mahal INDIA / Get a kitten / Visit Thailand / Fill every page of my passport / Ride a mechanical bull / Get a massage / Fly a kite / Go ziplining / Read 7 books in 7 days / Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind" / Learn to write my name in Japanese / Celebrate the August Full Moon GREECE / Visit an aquarium / Get a tattoo / Visit the Parthenon GREECE / Visit Alaska UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Visit Romania / Go to a fireworks show on the Fourth of July / Learn Spanish / Write a book / Drive the Pacific Coast Highway CALIFORNIA / Learn the alphabet in sign language / Learn to drive a stick shift / Ride a roller coaster that goes upside down / Have a picnic in the park / Do Karaoke (in a bar) / Eat tapas in Spain / Improve French to usable conversational and reading level / Visit Seoul SOUTH KOREA / Go to New Orleans / Take a ballet class / See the Arc de Triomphe FRANCE / Swim in the sea / Visit Rhode Island UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Learn how to ride a bike / Try out Thai food / Go to the zoo / Read a non-fiction book / Buy cowboy boots / Have straight teeth / Go to Spain / Take a family trip to Disneyland / Visit Sea World / Visit Bangkok THAILAND / See the Pyramids of Giza EGYPT / Be able to do a cartwheel / Visit Arkansas UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Eat with chopsticks / Jump into a pool fully clothed / Stay in bed all day / Watch an IMAX movie / Buy an SLR camera / Play volleyball / Ride something bigger than a horse / Visit the Tower of London ENGLAND / Live overseas / Visit Stonehenge ENGLAND / Have a traditional picnic in a park / Visit Loch Ness SCOTLAND / Make a wish at the Trevi Fountain in Rome ITALY / Make my own Halloween costume / Be able to identify 5 constellations / Ride a horse bareback / Update my resume / Walk around the Musee du Louvre FRANCE / Go hiking / See the Roman Colosseum ITALY / Travel to New York / Go on a spontaneous road trip / Read the Declaration of Independence / Visit Notre Dame Cathedral FRANCE / Learn to read music / Learn how to swim / Visit France / Get lost in a different country / Compliment someone I don't know / Design my own tattoo / Cook an entire meal from scratch / Attend the Pingxi Lantern Festival in Taiwan TAIWAN / Walk along the Great Wall of China / Get a job in a foreign country / Go to Puerto Rico / Go skiing / Meditate for at least 10 minutes each day for a week / Learn all the words to a rap song / Live near the ocean / Visit Disneyland CALIFORNIA / Visit Hungary / Learn how to drive / Visit Everland SOUTH KOREA / Visit the Great Buddha of Kamakura JAPAN / Make a pizza from scratch / Visit Singapore City SINGAPORE / Try bubble tea / Buy something from Victoria's Secret / See Aurora Borealis / Go to Independence Hall (Liberty Bell) PHILADELPHIA / Visit Venice ITALY / Plant a tree for Earth Day / Visit Korea / Complete 25 writing prompts from www.creativewritingprompts.com / Donate old clothes to charity / Visit and explore Colorado / Take a swimming class / Learn how to open a bottle with a lighter / Have a dinner by candle light / Make homemade salsa / Visit Europe / Adopt a cat / Complete the 30 day squat challenge / Visit Chiang Mai THAILAND / Be able to do 100 push-ups / Speak Spanish fluently / Visit Buenos Aires ARGENTINA / Visit Kyoto JAPAN / Visit Barbados / Visit Central Park during autumn / Shoot a bow and arrow / Visit Ocean Park Hong Kong HONG KONG / See a drive in movie / Ride a camel / Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter FLORIDA / Read 26 books I've never read starting with each letter of the alphabet / Read at least one book a month / Learn to knit / Get a new tattoo / Watch the sunset / Watch the sunrise / Go to the beach / Have a spa day / Attend a yoga class / Donate blood / Make a birthday cake for someone / Make pasta from scratch / Make homemade bread / Go a week without buying anything / Save $5 for every task I complete / Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with each letter of the alphabet / Learn basic sign language / Take a self-defense class / Meet someone famous / Make new friends / Sleep in a hammock / Sleep in an igloo / Ride a motorcycle / Travel to the UK / Make a custom recipe book / Get my passport / Blog every day for a month / Write a novel / Visit the Little Bighorn Battlefield National Monument MONTANA / Host a games night / Learn to skip a stone across a lake / Swim in a lake / Go out on a date night once a month with my husband / Visit the Holocaust museum in Richmond VIRGINIA / Go a whole day without swearing / Get a facial / Fly a kite / Watch a meteor shower / Say "yes" to something I would not normally do / Go to 5 different museums / Spend a rainy day watching films in my PJ's / Go horseback riding / Make a birthday cake for someone / Visit a volcano / Register to be an organ donor / Go rockclimbing / Attend a film festival / Ride a horse / Graduate College / Expand my vocabulary by 100 words / Sing karaoke at a bar / Go fishing / Read all the books currently on my shelf / Learn Spanish / Watch a meteor shower / Learn to knit / Plant a tree / See a movie in 3D / Take a dance class / Bake cupcakes / Go to Las Vegas NEVADA / Say "yes" to something I would not normally do / Get my driver's license / Send a secret to PostSecret / Go vegetarian for a month / Clean out my closet / See a drive-in movie / Write a letter to myself to be opened when the 1001 days is over / Spend a day at the beach / Dye my hair / Take a Yoga class / Run a half marathon / Go horseback riding / Visit the Grand Canyon ARIZONA / Visit all 7 continents / Dance in the rain / Go skydiving / Visit France / Identify 100 things that make me happy / No fast food for a month / Go to a concert / Answer the "50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind" / Sleep under the stars / Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years / Donate blood / Visit Alaska UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Fill a jar with notes of good things that happen to me for a year / Quit smoking / Visit the city of Split, the capital of Dalmatia CROATIA /