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Visit the Statue of Liberty NEW YORK / Visit Italy / Visit Scotland / Live in a foreign country for one year / Visit The Shambles in York ENGLAND / Visit Lincoln Cathedral ENGLAND / Visit the ancient ruins of a fallen civilization / Visit Japan / Fly in a private jet / Visit Siena ITALY / Visit Chicago ILLINOIS / Visit Tokyo National Museum JAPAN / Visit London UNITED KINGDOM / Visit New York UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Visit San Francisco UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Visit Philadelphia PENNSYLVANIA / Visit Helsinki FINLAND / Visit Hagia Sophia TURKEY / Visit the Sistine Chapel VATICAN CITY / Visit the Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque) TURKEY / Go to the Icebar in Stockholm SWEDEN / Visit Limburg an der Lahn GERMANY / Visit the lakeside village of Hallstatt AUSTRIA / Visit Rotterdam NETHERLANDS / Visit Central Park NEW YORK / Write a travel book / Travel to New York City / Visit a friend in a different country / Visit all 7 continents / Visit the Grand Canyon ARIZONA / Go on a cruise / Get a passport / See the Sistine Chapel VATICAN CITY / Visit the Vatican VATICAN CITY / Visit the holy city of Kairouan TUNISIA / Visit Tunis TUNISIA / Visit Lund SWEDEN / Visit Skåne SWEDEN / Visit Malmö SWEDEN / Visit Uppsala SWEDEN / Visit Gothenburg SWEDEN / Visit Stockholm SWEDEN / Visit Santiago De Compostella SPAIN / Visit Parc Guell SPAIN / Visit Mosque of Córdoba SPAIN / Visit La Rambla in Barcelona SPAIN / Visit Andalusia SPAIN / Visit Granada SPAIN / Visit Seville SPAIN / Visit the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela SPAIN / Visit the Alcázar of Seville SPAIN / Visit the Great Cathedral and Mosque in Cordoba SPAIN / Walk the Camino de Santiago SPAIN / Visit Alhambra palace SPAIN / Visit Madrid SPAIN / See Gaudi's architecture in Barcelona SPAIN / Visit Barcelona SPAIN / Visit Skara Brae SCOTLAND / Visit Perth SCOTLAND / Visit Eilean Donan Castle SCOTLAND / Visit Orkney Isles SCOTLAND / Visit Iona SCOTLAND / Visit Loch Lomond SCOTLAND / Visit the Hebrides SCOTLAND / Visit Fingal's Cave SCOTLAND / Visit the Isle of Skye SCOTLAND / Visit the Scottish Highlands SCOTLAND / Visit Glasgow SCOTLAND / Visit Loch Ness SCOTLAND / Visit Edinburgh SCOTLAND / Visit Mosteiro Dos Jerónimos PORTUGAL / Visit the Monastery of Alcobaça PORTUGAL / Visit the Convent of Christ in Tomar PORTUGAL / Visit Quinta da Regaleira PORTUGAL / Visit Alfama PORTUGAL / Visit Lisbon PORTUGAL / Visit Warsaw POLAND / Visit Kraków POLAND / Visit Bergen NORWAY / Visit the Norway Fjords NORWAY / Visit Oslo NORWAY / Visit Luxembourg City LUXEMBOURG / Visit Vaduz LIECHTENSTEIN / Visit Meiji Shrine JAPAN / Visit Hokkaido Shrine JAPAN / Explore the Arashiyama Bamboo Forest JAPAN / Visit Hokkaido JAPAN / Visit the Great Buddha of Kamakura JAPAN / Visit Osaka Castle JAPAN / Visit Kyoto JAPAN / Visit Himeji Castle JAPAN / Take a trip on the Shinkansen (Bullet train) JAPAN / Visit Tokyo JAPAN / Visit Donegal IRELAND / Visit Kilkenny IRELAND / Visit the Aran Islands IRELAND / Visit Galway IRELAND / Visit Cork IRELAND / Visit Dublin IRELAND / Visit Genoa ITALY / Visit Messina ITALY / Visit Catania ITALY / Visit Palermo ITALY / Visit Perugia ITALY / Visit Trieste ITALY / Visit Naples ITALY / Visit Pisa ITALY / Visit Turin ITALY / Visit Assisi ITALY / Visit the Spas of Saturnia (Terme di Saturnia) ITALY / Visit Piazza del Campidoglio ITALY / Visit Bridge of Sighs, Venice ITALY / Visit Ragusa ITALY / Visit the Pantheon ITALY / Visit the Palazzo Pitti ITALY / Visit the Castel Sant'Angelo ITALY / Visit the Milan Cathedral ITALY / Visit the Piazza di Spagna ITALY / Visit ancient Pompeii ITALY / Visit Lake Garda ITALY / Visit the Spanish Steps ITALY / Visit the Galleria dell'Accademia (Gallery of the Academy of Florence) ITALY / Visit Capri ITALY / Visit the Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi ITALY / Visit Sardinia ITALY / See the catacombs and mummies at the Capuchin Monastery ITALY / Visit the Piazza del Duomo in Pisa ITALY / Visit the Historic Centre of Florence ITALY / Visit Sicily ITALY / Visit the Trentino Dolomites ITALY / Visit Tuscany ITALY / Visit Florence ITALY / Visit the Colosseum ITALY / Visit Rome ITALY / Visit Pompeii ITALY / Visit Venice ITALY / Visit Budapest's Thermal Baths HUNGARY / Visit Budapest HUNGARY / Visit the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus GREECE / Visit Olympia GREECE / Visit Delphi GREECE / Visit Crete GREECE / Visit the monasteries of Meteora GREECE / Explore the ruins of Knossos, a 3000 year old Minoan Palace GREECE / Visit the Greek Islands GREECE / Visit the Acropolis in Athens GREECE / Visit Athens GREECE / Visit the Parthenon GREECE / Visit Baden-Baden GERMANY / Visit Königssee GERMANY / Visit Stuttgart GERMANY / Visit Karlsruhe GERMANY / Visit the Roman Monuments in Trier GERMANY / Visit Köln GERMANY / Visit Dortmund GERMANY / Visit Bonn GERMANY / Visit Mannheim Palace GERMANY / Visit Hanover GERMANY / Visit Aachen Cathedral GERMANY / Visit Heidelberg GERMANY / Visit Leipzig GERMANY / Visit Dusseldorf GERMANY / Visit Heidelberg Castle GERMANY / Visit Neuschwanstein Castle while it is covered in snow GERMANY / Visit Bamberg GERMANY / Visit the Reichstag, Berlin GERMANY / Visit the Cathedral of Ulm GERMANY / Visit Rothenburg ob der Tauber GERMANY / Visit Nuremburg GERMANY / Visit Lübeck GERMANY / Walk through the Brandenburg Gate GERMANY / Visit Cologne Cathedral GERMANY / Visit Dresden GERMANY / Visit the Berlin Wall GERMANY / Visit Kurfürstendamm GERMANY / Visit Munich GERMANY / Visit Hamburg GERMANY / Visit the Black Forest GERMANY / Visit Berlin GERMANY / Visit Strasbourg, Grand Ile FRANCE / Visit Chambord Château FRANCE / Visit Chartres Cathedral FRANCE / See the lavender fields in Provence FRANCE / Visit the Notre Dame Cathedral at Reims FRANCE / Visit Biarritz FRANCE / Visit Nantes FRANCE / Visit Lyon FRANCE / Visit Normandy FRANCE / Visit Colmar FRANCE / Visit Marseille FRANCE / Visit Nice FRANCE / Visit the Loire Valley FRANCE / See the Eiffel Tower PARIS / Visit Paris FRANCE / Visit the Louvre FRANCE / Visit Nottingham ENGLAND / Visit Avebury ENGLAND / Visit York Minister ENGLAND / Visit Greenwich ENGLAND / Visit Bolton Abbey ENGLAND / Visit Dover ENGLAND / Travel to the village where Emily Brontë lived in Haworth, West Yorkshire ENGLAND / Visit the Cotswolds ENGLAND / Visit Jane Austen's house ENGLAND / Visit Glastonbury ENGLAND / Visit Salisbury ENGLAND / Visit Sherwood Forest ENGLAND / Visit Antelope Canyon ARIZONA / Visit Warwick Castle ENGLAND / Visit Portsmouth Historic Dockyard ENGLAND / Visit Hadrian's Wall ENGLAND / Visit Hyde Park ENGLAND / Visit Salisbury Cathedral ENGLAND / Visit Yorkshire ENGLAND / Visit Oxford ENGLAND / Visit Bath ENGLAND / Visit the Tower of London ENGLAND / Visit Buckingham Palace LONDON / Visit Stonehenge ENGLAND / Cross the Øresund Bridge to Copenhagen DENMARK / Visit Odense DENMARK / Visit Elsinore DENMARK / Visit Copenhagen DENMARK / Visit Prague CZECH REPUBLIC / Visit Liège BELGIUM / Visit the historical centre of Ghent BELGIUM / Visit Bruges BELGIUM / Visit Brussels BELGIUM / Visit Linz AUSTRIA / Visit Innsbruck AUSTRIA / Visit Melk Abbey AUSTRIA / Visit the Historic Center of Vienna AUSTRIA / Visit Schönbrunn Palace AUSTRIA / Visit Tyrol AUSTRIA / Visit Salzburg AUSTRIA / Visit Vienna AUSTRIA / Visit Komodo National Park INDONESIA / See the Fairy chimney formations in Cappadocia TURKEY / Visit Antelope Canyon ARIZONA / Visit Multnomah Falls OREGON / Cruise Glacier Bay National Park ALASKA / Visit Death Valley National Park CALIFORNIA / Visit Jeju Island SOUTH KOREA / Visit Sequoia National Park CALIFORNIA / Visit Crater Lake National Park OREGON / Visit Carlsbad Caverns National Park NEW MEXICO / Sail through Milford Sound NEW ZEALAND / Visit White Sands NEW MEXICO / Visit Monument Valley ARIZONA / Visit Angel Falls VENEZUELA / Visit Uluru AUSTRALIA / Visit Yellowstone National Park WYOMING / Visit Yosemite National Park CALIFORNIA / Visit Niagara Falls NEW YORK / Visit Italy / Visit all 7 continents / Go on a cruise / Go on a road trip / Travel on the Great Smoky Mountains Railroad NORTH CAROLINA / Visit Lake Bled SLOVENIA / Visit Oslo NORWAY / Visit Dusseldorf GERMANY / Visit Cagliari ITALY / Visit Greece / Visit Pompeii ITALY / Go on a cruise / Get a passport / Visit Europe / Visit Egypt / Go on a cruise / Visit Kentucky UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Visit Savannah GEORGIA / Visit Petra JORDAN / Visit all 7 continents / Go on a cruise / Learn to identify all the countries on a map / Visit Machu Picchu PERU / Visit China / Visit Wadi Rum JORDAN / Visit the Okavango Delta BOTSWANA / Visit New Zealand / Visit all 7 continents / Go on a cruise / Get a passport / Go on a road trip / Take a Hot Mud Bath in the Sulphur Springs Volcano in St. Lucia SAINT LUCIA / Interrail through Europe / Visit India / Visit Japan / Visit the Lake District UNITED KINGDOM / Visit the Colosseum ITALY / Go on a safari in Kenya KENYA / Visit Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area NEVADA / Travel to Seattle / Visit Rome ITALY / Visit Venice ITALY / Visit Iceland / Visit Iceland / Visit Rhode Island UNITED STATES OF AMERICA / Visit Mesa Verde National Park COLORADO /