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Ranked #1 in Natural Wonders (USA)
Ranked #2 in Natural Wonders
Campground reserved for Mar 23-26!
Haven't hiked or anything (didn't have time) but got to drive around and see some great views. Wanna come back and hike.
Amazing and inspiring...
My favorite sight from the Grand Canyon.
June 1, 2016: Sunset at the Grand Canyon

June 2, 2016: Grand Canyon Railway day-trip
Visited the Grand Canyon with Corey
We did this on our honeymoon while we were road tripping!
One of the most mind-blowing things I have ever seen. Your brain just cannot process how huge it is from side to side. So beautiful and majestic.
Not sure if it is the right exact day of the week! Amazing! Definitely want to go back :)
Mom, Dad, Mamaw, and I.
Awesome that is all!
Plan to visit while I'm in Vegas in July :)
Visit the South Rim of Grand Canyon!
Grand Canyon Trip! 26 September 2013
We visited the Grand Canyon first on our little Arizona vacation. We saw a beautiful sunset on June 21, 2013. We stayed in a hotel not far away and came back on June 22 during the day. Sooo beautiful!
November 9-10, 2012

Family vacation with the Kellys!
Steven and me at the Grand Canyon!
Wednesday, July 11, Steven and I drove 5 hours to the Grand Canyon from Las Vegas. We arrived just in time for sunset and watched it from Desert Drive on the South rim. Then, we watched twilight set in at Bright Angel Trailhead. At nightfall, we took a closed off road (where the buses run during the day), let the top down on the Jeep we rented, and enjoyed some star-gazing :)
One of the most amazing days of my life =) Photos do not do it justice at all. South rim was simply awe-inspiring,
Dec 2010/Jan 2011
Completed with Keri and had tons of fun!
The awe-inspiring beauty and vastness of the Grand Canyon make it a must-visit destination for any avid traveler. Located in Arizona, this natural wonder offers a myriad of activities and sights to explore. From hiking along the rim trails and capturing breathtaking views of the steep cliffs and deep gorges, to embarking on thrilling whitewater rafting adventures in the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon promises an unforgettable experience for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike. With its rich geological history and mesmerizing landscapes, this iconic landmark is a testament to the Earth's incredible natural wonders.