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See the Northern Lights
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I'd expected this to be part of a trip overseas, but instead it was hanging out of my bedroom window!
A solar storm caused northern lights to appear over the southern US so we were able to see them! 😍 (May 10, 2024 Berea KY)
In May 2024, the biggest geomagnetic storm in 20 years gave the Northern Lights in Norfolk, England. It was incredible!
In May 2024, the biggest geomagnetic storm in 20 years gave the Northern Lights in Norfolk, England. It was incredible!
What a day in my life. That moment was pure ecstasy. One of the top memories of my life. Looking forward to repeat.
Gutted. I finally got to Iceland and the Northern Lights was on the to-do list but sadly due to the weather the lights hadn't been seen for 3 weeks and there was nothing on our trip. Oh well an excuse to come back :)
January 2022, in Murmansk, Russia. It was one of the most extraordinary experiences ever. Such an amazing feeling - to watch the nature draw its picture on the sky.
We went out to see what we could see this past weekend. Unfortunately either we had too much light pollution, even out in the middle of nowhere, we didn't really know what we were looking for, or there was nothing visible.

In the distance we did see a sort of white glow toward the horizon, which is where the northern lights would be visible to us, if we were seeing it. Unfortunately, even when I'm in the middle of nowhere Nebraska, there are still plenty of farms, feedlots, and other rural businesses it's near impossible to get away from light pollution.

Next time it's scheduled to be visible in Nebraska, maybe we'll head further north, and take a mini-vacation up by the sandhills. With the sandy areas and nature reserves, maybe there will be less light pollution and we'll have a better chance. Until then, this goal will remain simmering on the backburner.
This might happen sooner than later! The Northern Lights might be visible in our area tomorrow night thanks to some science dealing with a solar flare. Normally it’s not visible this far south. We’re hoping for no clouds and a decent view. I guess lack of city light pollution is a bonus for moving to a rural area.
Best birthday surprise :)
check spaceweather.com
Iceland 01/31/2019

Fairbanks AK or Yellowknife Canada

Both have airports. Go http://www.aurora-service.org/aurora-forecast/ for the KP index to see when is a good time.
I've seen them from Jersey but I want to see them from Iceland
Ive seen them from Jersey but I want to see them from the North.
Seven of us traveled to Iceland for a five day, four night trip which included a Northern Lights by Boat tour. I was lucky enough to get some shots of the Aurora Borealis which only happened for about 15 minutes of our three hour tour. This is looking north from a fjord outside Reykjavik on 03/09/2017. So cool.
This is the list of things I've already done.
Saw them by accident while camping on San Juan Island!
March Break of 2015 it was bright and beautiful over my house
Happened this morning at 3:25 in North Minneapolis Minnesota. My back yard. Still can't believe it.
Completed February 2015 - Iceland
I have actually seen the Northern Lights before. The first time, they were so faint, they were barely visible. The second time was from a plane window. I want to see them properly, from the ground while staring up at the sky.
July 4th 2015 landing into winnipeg
Northern Lights have been elusive the past 2 years. Not only have I stayed up late to possibly catch a glimpse of the Lights here in the PNW, but I've also visited Alaska and gone to prime viewing areas. The weather has not cooperated! Blast.
Did try - went to Iceland in January 2015 and saw a wee chink of them but too much cloud.
Temperance the summer of 2013
Going to Iceland in October so hoping to knock this off the list then
Finland, April 2013
Oh yes indeed - Finland April 2013. Did I not bore you with the pictures?! They were awesome. As they should be!
Research where, how to get there, where to stay, etc
Research where, how to get there, where to stay, etc
preferably in Iceland :)
Since I?m from Iceland, I?ve seen them many many times and I have to say that I miss them now that I?m living in the Netherlands.
My mate Pete has contacts up north apparently!!














Oct 8, 2011 - Brandon, Manitoba, Canada
Staying at the Candy house, very cold night!
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Aurora (astronomy)
Auroras, also known as northern and southern (polar) lights or aurorae, are natural light displays in the sky, particularly in the polar regions, and usually observed at night. They typically occur in the ionosphere. They are also referred to as polar auroras. This is a misnomer however, because they are commonly visible between 65 to 72 degrees north and south latitudes, which place them a ring just within the Arctic and Antarctic circles.
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