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Note added by Aden Lynch. 1 years ago
It's important to me to clarify that I wrote this list as what I want in a partner and what I expect from myself before even thinking about getting into a partnership.

compassion/empathy, humour, trust/vulnerability, positivity, respect, boundaries, love, honesty, communication, dependability, presence, open-minded, patient/tolerant, a sense of ease, gratitude

I looked and all these words and at first, I thought it was a lot. But, looking it over again, it's a lot of words but I think this is what a healthy relationship has and are simple qualities I want to see in the people I surround myself with, especially a partner.
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Note added by Stine Eriksen. 1 years ago
- Doesn't smoke
- Animal lover
- Supportive
- Loves traveling
- Want kids
- Good sense of humor
- Financially stable
- Faithful
- Honest
- Committed
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Note added by Pixie. 2 years ago
Doesn't smoke
Similar values (accomplishments, growth, honesty)
Loves movies (must enjoy horror)
Constantly wants to try/learn/experience new things
Brings out the best in me
Shines positivity (even on the darkest days)
Animal lover
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Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
In no particular order:

1. Older than me (+5 years) I have nothing to talk about with younger people...
2. Atheist
3. Doesn't smoke/Smokes occasionally
4. Similar values (like authenticity, accomplishment, perseverance, growth, honesty, prosperity...)
5. Great sense of humor
6. Straightforward
7. Open-minded
8. Highly independent (emotionally, financially)
9. A little bit taller (+5cm)
10. Loves traveling
11. Great sense of style
12. Entrepreneur, manager ... (has a career, not a job) -> similar interests/business partner (?)
13. Constantly wants to try/learn/experience new things
14. Independent thinker
15. Appreciation of music (80s – 90s and classical music)
16. Speaks at least 2 languages (bilingual/polyglot) Doesn't (have to) speak Polish.
17. Liberal
18. Reads a lot and constantly wants to become a better, more valuable person
(''If you knew me yesterday, You don't know me now. I grow daily.'')
19. Out
20. A morning person
21. American
22. Has similar interests (like neuroscience/psychiatry, learning languages, business, luxe, sports, non-fiction books...)
23. Doesn't treat EVERYTHING seriously (has some distance)
24. Wouldn't mind living in a different place (Let's say every 1-2 years.)
25. Likes to spend time outside
26. Brunette (dark brown/black)
27. Someone who values ''alone time''
28. Extremely confident
29. Intelligent
30. Interested in human rights
31. Loves luxury
32. xxx private xxx
33. Into bodybuilding (preferably Figure)
34. xxx private xxx
35. Full of life
36. xxx private xxx
37. Doesn't want kids
38. xxx private xxx
39. xxx private xxx
40. Sarcastic
41. Doesn't text/call me every hour (4x/week is more than enough)
42. Doesn't want to meet my family. (I'm not against it but it's a better option.)
43. Doesn't have to deal with any mental problems. (It'd be a disaster.)
44. Isn't vegan.

So... Basically someone really similar to me. But she has to look like someone else. Otherwise, it'd be awkward.
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Note added by Joscelyn. 3 years ago
Working through two "relatinship" books. 1. Calling in the one 2. Married in 365
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Note added by Carla. 3 years ago
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Note added by Carla. 3 years ago
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Note added by Jodie. 4 years ago
1. Enjoys movies 2. Loves dogs 3. Is open and honest 4. Committed 5. Supportive I feel like some of these are whats necessary anyway. Guessing lack of these is why my previous relationship failed.
Photo added by Gabriele Gomes. 6 years ago
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Photo added by Libby Moore. 7 years ago
MUST HAVES!! I am no longer going to settle! I am fine with being in a relationship with myself until I find the right guy
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Note added by Lyssa Crow. 7 years ago
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Note added by Kelly Hager. 8 years ago
1) Out
2) Christian
3) Liberal
4) Intellectual---actively literate, is curious about things
5) Has a career, not a job
6) Likes books and movies
7) Loves dogs
8) Understands that I need alone time and hopefully she needs same
9) Is kind
10) Has a good sense of humor
11) Doesn't want kids
12) Politically minded
13) Lives/wants to live in New York
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Photo added by Shara Reynolds. 8 years ago
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Note added by Shara Reynolds. 8 years ago
After recently getting out of a relationship, this is where I feel really compelled to start exploring myself...
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Note added by Jordan Enviro. 8 years ago
MSA June 2012
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Note added by jessica. 8 years ago
1 loves my son too.
2 honesty.
3 integrity.
4 loving and attentive.
5 flexibility/willingness to change.
6 has a job.
7 doesnt smoke/ do drugs.
8 compassion for others.
9 empathetic.
10 respectful of others.
Note Added
1. intelligent
2. adventurous
3. likes me for me, not just physical aspects of me
4. taller than me when i'm in heels
5. able to have comfortable silences
6. consistent
7. family man - close to his/ wants a family eventually
8. handsome
9. gentleman - opens doors (building and car)
10. willing to travel
11. willing to try new things
12. financially stable
13. can be romantic
14. not against giving me space sometimes
15. supportive of me and my career
16. has plans for the future
17. dresses nicely
18. respectful
19. can adapt to different settings
20. honest
21. faithful
22. kisses well
23. someone i can talk to
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Note added by Do Y Nhi. 8 years ago
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Note added by Rebecca Major. 8 years ago
4th April
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Note added by Fayetta. 8 years ago
I'm glad to see that I'm certain about what I would like in a relationship. I hope to be in my ideal relationship/marriage in the future someday.
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Note added by thenerdygirl. 8 years ago
Completed March 8th, 2012
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Note added by Cecilia Marie. 8 years ago
I think I need this because another goal I have (that I don't think I'll bother adding to my 101) is to stay single until "it" comes along. It'll be easier to say "no" if I know that what I'm being offered isn't what I want. I'm going to have to think long and hard about the "criteria" though.
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Note added by David . 9 years ago
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Note added by Beth I. 10 years ago