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Redecorate my bedroom
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Note Added
Note added by Tony. 3 years ago
New arrangement of furniture, new curtains!
Note Added
Note added by Rafaela S.. 4 years ago
Painted the walls, put shelves, a curtain and decorated the light switch. There are still things I want to do on the walls.
Note Added
Note added by Tante Jul. 5 years ago
Almost done! Cracked ceiling is fixed and painted, window frames and doors painted, wallpaper is up, including forest photo mural on one wall. Will have to postpone painting the floor until spring and better ventilation possibilities.
Note Added
Note added by Rachii. 5 years ago
Since we moved house in December 2012, I have a whole new bedroom to the one I started my list in. Some parts of it, like the colour of the walls and the existing furniture, were not for me to choose, but I picked out my own bed, sofa and bedside table. I also positioned the record player and records and arranged the trinkets which take pride of place on top of my drawers.
Note Added
Note added by Paula G.. 5 years ago
-bij Polare? (voorheen selexyz/slegte)
Note Added
Note added by Brittany Smale. 5 years ago
Cleaned up, moved the terrarium out, took down the horse puzzle and flowers, and going to buy a poster right shortly!
Note Added
Note added by Leonor Lalala. 6 years ago

Feito algures em 2012.
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Note added by Carly Prellwitz. 6 years ago
bought new bedding
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Photo added by Rachel Webb. 6 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Wendy San. 6 years ago
Buy a loft bed.
Have everything matching (white palette)