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Learn French
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French language
French is a Romance language spoken as a first language by around 136 million people worldwide. A total of 200 million speak it as either a first or as a second language. Moreover, roughly 110 million people learn French as a second or third language. French speaking communities are present in 57 countries and territories. Most native speakers of the language live in France, where the language originated.
This description uses material from the Wikipedia article on French language and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (view authors).

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Note Added
Note added by Kristel. 1 years ago
Sur ma route, Il y a eu du move oui, de l'aventure dans l'movie. Une vie de roots sur ma rout , je n'compte plus les soucis, de quoi devenir fou oui, une vie de roots.
Note Added
Note added by Megan . 1 years ago
Getting into the harder stuff now-- conjuctions and grammar are not NEARLY as fun or easy as learning the names of colors or zoo animals. I think it's time to start supplementing my apps with some more in-depth guides.
Note Added
Note added by Megan . 1 years ago
Trying to practice every day this month.
Note Added
Note added by Megan . 2 years ago
So far DuoLingo is helping a lot with vocabulary, but I think I'm going to need some extra work in grammar. Time to see what books I can find.
Note Added
Note added by Cara. 2 years ago
39% fluent in duolingo
Photo added by catherine rose. 2 years ago
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Note added by catherine rose. 2 years ago
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Note added by Georgey. 3 years ago
Been listening to audio lesson while commuting. Have reached a stage where I can read 40-60% of french. I also read the french Bible alongside English one. Spoken french seems a huge challenge still
Note Added
Note added by Gustavo Ramos. 3 years ago
Just restarted learning it, on my own. I have been keeping it on hold for 4 years!
Note Added
Note added by Anna G.. 3 years ago
Rocket languages course + movies, soon hopefully books.
Note Added
Note added by Olga. 3 years ago
A1.1. be continued
Note Added
Nunca será completo!
Note Added
Enrolled in Français - Débutant 2 at UFPE. Starts on Aug. 20th, 2012.
Note Added
Note added by Maddie Minshew. 6 years ago
I completed French I and French II. I'd say that, for now, that totally counts as "learning French."
Note Added
Note added by sociosound. 6 years ago
Passed French Reading exam!
Note Added
Note added by Stephanie Harris. 6 years ago
I have decided to work through Chris' "French is for Dummies" book. I'm not positive of how helpful this will be or how much I will learn but it's a start!
Note Added
Note added by Paula Dantas. 6 years ago
Buy the audio..
Note Added
Note added by Tabetha Maly. 7 years ago
I'm matriculada in French classes....I'm starting French classes tomorrow!
Note Added
Note added by Kate . 7 years ago
04.10.2011. First french language lesson ^^
Note Added
Note added by Becca. 7 years ago
Today (8/23/11) was my first day of French class. It seems hard after learning Spanish in high school. Hopefully one day, I'll actually visit France and can speak the language!