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Note Added
Note added by Ashley. 1 years ago
Check! Derek and I finally made it official this December 2018
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Note added by Heather. 4 years ago
I think I originally had this on my goals as a joke or half hearted. Funny how he just sort of landed on me. A lot of things have been happening at once this year. Employment, new relationships, weight loss, with seemingly little effort on my part. Met him mid February and we grew fond of each other quickly.
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Note added by Gayle Burkholder. 4 years ago
Started Dating Carlos Nov 30, 2015
Started reading Get the Guy by Matthew Hussey on December 25, 2015
First date with Dean on January 9, 2015.
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Note added by Buffygetsalife. 6 years ago
Dated Steve for about 7/8 months.
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Note added by Sarah.. 7 years ago
Kristof. 04/11/'12.
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Note added by Aerin Brandt. 7 years ago
I'm dating the most adorable boy ever, Tyler c: And it never would have happened if his twin and faglord didn't push him so far. He is just the biggest cutie patootie ever
Note Added
Will 6/29
Note Added
Omg! It actually happened!! >.< I honestly thought that it would NEVER happen, but I now am happy to say. I HAVE A BOYFRIEND!! IN YOUR FACES!!! His name is Ricky, and I do really love.(: Been dating since March 29th, 2012. Love you. :3
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Read 100 books (0/100)
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Note added by Sarah. 8 years ago
Edit: Not one thats out for one thing. Would be completed for Chris & Justin but theyre not worth it
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Note added by Eryn K. 8 years ago
Thomas Tyndall
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Note added by Ellen Piercy. 8 years ago
I love you Sam x
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Note added by OMM. 8 years ago
Achieved on October 9, 2011. Me gusta Noah Y. Está muy bien. Volim te jako 12/7/2011
Note Added
Note added by Buffygetsalife. 9 years ago
Go on Dates!!