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Not a believer in detoxing, in general, but I do the goals that come up randomly. This one was more of a short clean eating thing. A couple of shakes a day, one healthy 500 calorie meal and a few natural snacks. Much more manageable than some of the detoxes that I saw and something I may try to work in a few times a week.

Also, like the absolute professionals that we are, we forgot to take even one photo of what we ate/drank.
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Note added by Sebastian Cool. 4 years ago
On New Years day I did a one day cleanse/detox. Pretty hard for someone who loves to eat and have a full feeling but I felt lighter the next day.
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Note added by David Bloxham. 4 years ago
Vegan 3 months
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Note added by Nora Tobiassen. 6 years ago
Tirsdag 26. november - onsdag 4. desember. Jeg gikk paa en detox-kur som ble kalt sitronsaft-kuren. den var laget av vann, cayennepeper, sitron og en olje (som jeg ikke husker hva het for noe). Det var ikke saa godt. I lopet av en dag skulle vi BARE drikke 3 liter av denne "eliksiren", vi fikk ikke spise noe annet. Jeg gikk paa denne kuren i 8 dager. Denne detoxen krevde viljestyrke!
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Note added by Kate. 7 years ago
Try this one:
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Note added by Jade Bragg. 7 years ago
I failed at my previous attempt, so I'm gonna try again later.
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Note added by Jade Bragg. 8 years ago
Found a 7-day detox plan online while I was at work, went to the grocery store right afterward to buy all the necessities, and here I go on my week long detox adventure!!