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Note Added
Note added by Deborah . 6 months ago
I paid for the person behind me in the drive-through at Starbucks. It felt really great actually. I hope it brightened their day.
Note Added
I held the door open today, on the way to the library for some Ringette girls and their families. They had those big bags and tons of stuff.
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Note added by Thijs. 5 years ago
Ik heb een oud vrouwtje (de zus van mijn oma, dus mijn (oud?)tante) geholpen met haar brandalarm die aan het plafond hing.
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Note added by M. 6 years ago
Bought a treat for a co-worker who was having a bad day
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Note added by Saturn. 7 years ago
Coworker needed to leave 30 minutes early from work to get to an appointment. Since she needed to leave when I got done with work, I offered to work the 30 minutes extra so she could get to her appointment on time.
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Note added by Shatema Brown. 7 years ago
gave co worker all the change in my pocket
Note Added
Note added by Boring Geek. 7 years ago
August 13 2012 helped some turists buy a ticket.
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Note added by Melanie Vollman. 7 years ago
this one was easier then i thought and it made me feel so good to do it. Hope all the people in the office are enjoying their coffee's from Tim's.
Note Added
01/08/2012-Advised a Bama fan of the dangers of walking with an unzipped purse in the French Quarter.
Note Added
Note added by Lisa. 8 years ago
Gave $16 to a homeless lady.