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Finish writing another 101 things list by the end of 1001 days
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Note Added
Note added by Greg. 4 months ago
I am hopeful to see very little "carry over" to the next list...because most or all of these get crossed off this time.
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Note added by Susan. 4 years ago
In my notebook.

1. Finish writing another 101 list by the end of this 1001 days.
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Note added by Emerson. 5 years ago
I actually have too many things on the new list, but that means I completed the list and it is future me's problem to deal with reducing the list before it commences (slash I might decide to temporarily leave too many with the idea of narrowing it down over the first few months - since I have a no substitution goal on the list!)
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Note added by Francesca Bhutta. 7 years ago
1 - 10 DONE
11 - 20 DONE
21 - 30 DONE
31 - 40
41 - 50
51 - 60
61 - 70
71 - 80
81 - 90
91 - 101
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Note added by Sheridyn. 7 years ago
1.Start an email account for Keyona and write to her, when she's older she can read all of them.
Note Added
001: Read a self-help book
002: Gain ... followers at
003: Treat myself to a massage
004: Join a book club
005: Fill ... pages in my notebook
006: Complete a 30 Day Yoga Challenge
007: Watch the top .. IMDB films
008: Learn to photoshop
009: Catch a falling leave in autumn
010: Visit ... monuments of the World Heritage Site of UNESCO
011: Take a ride on the back of a motor
012: Participate in NaNoWriMo
013: Cover up a wall with covers of magazines/pictures
014: Go inter railing
015: Draw a self portrait
016: Buy Victoria's Secret lingerie
017: Play bingo in a bingo hall
Note Added
Note added by Emerson. 7 years ago
Already created and started the far I am up to 9 tasks. This list will naturally vary over the next year and a half until right before I start the new 101 challenge.
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Note added by Aaron Bell. 9 years ago
Note Added
Note added by Angela Hadley. 10 years ago
1. Finish my MSW 2. Find a job in Oregon 3. Find an apartment in Oregon 4. Save up 50K for the big move 5. Take Colton to Disney World 6. Run in a charity marathon 7. Perform a comedy set at an open mic night.