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Note added by Anna. 3 years ago
1. My sense of humour
2. The blue/grey colour of my eyes
3. My honesty
4. I am reliable
5. I am easy going and a drama free zone
6. I love animals, especially dogs
7. I love to laugh
8. I am caring
9. I am determined/persistent/stubborn
10. My taste in music/books/films
11. I am loyal
12. My handwriting
13. My pleasure at the simple things in life - a flower, dew in a spider's web, a rainbow, the sound of the rain when I'm warm and tucked up inside
14. I am very protective of people and animals I care about
15. I always wear colourful or patterned socks
16. I am vegetarian, transitioning to vegan
17. I am tall
18. I enjoy my own company
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Just completed this one 04/11/14 - see pen drive for my list
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Note added by Molly St. Cyr. 4 years ago
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Note added by Molly St. Cyr. 4 years ago
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Note added by Dustin Hughes. 5 years ago
...complimenting one's self is not the most easy thing in the world.
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Note added by Barbie Morgan. 5 years ago
Finished 8/25/2013
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Note added by Tabetha. 6 years ago
13. Being smart
14. The fact that I can eat whatever I want without gaining much weight
15. My natural beauty
16. Being short
17. My attention span (Its short at times but long at times)
18. My goofy spirit
19. My laugh
20. The fact that I feel accomplished that this list is done
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Note added by Tabetha. 6 years ago
11. Being girly
12. My piercings
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Note added by Tabetha. 6 years ago
5. My hair
6. My sweetness
7. My ability to rattle my eyes
8. My size
9. My sense of humor
10. My sensitive/emotional side (Even though it gets me in trouble)
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Note added by Tabetha. 6 years ago
1. My eyes
2. My smile
3. My willingness to help others
4. My big heart (I also hate it sometimes)
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Note added by Rachel Kenny. 7 years ago
20 Things I Like About Myself 1. My intelligence 2. My hair 3. The fact that I do almost everything to the best of my ability 4. My compassion 5. That I am willing to step out of my comfort zone to do something that will help others 6. My creativity 7. That I stand up for what I believe in, no matter how unpopular the opinion 8. That I can also see other people’s viewpoints and accept them 9. My spirituality 10. That I’ve managed to make and maintain friendships with people who improve my life 11. My boobs 12. My waist 13. That I have learned to be myself 14. That I am still willing to learn 15. Respectfulness towards others 16. Willingness to listen, sympathise and advise if possible 17. Ability to get along with a wide range of people 18. Ability to analyse 19. Eyes 20. Growth