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Note added by Deborah. 1 years ago
Mel Monsta

I am the part of you that screams inside
The part of you that longs to fly
And sometimes the part that wants to hide
For I am the monster within you all
Some people set their monster free for all the world to see
While others keep it chained within for fear of it's toothy grin
But fear will often lead to hate
And that is such a dismal fate
For this life is filled with beauty, love, and grace
Always be proud of how far you've come
Express yourself it isn't dumb
Ride your skateboard
Show your tats
Read your books
And know your facts
Draw your pictures
Sing your songs
To be something different is never wrong
And should you feel alone or scared
Hold me tight for I am there

-Deborah Cameron
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Note added by Miranda O. 2 years ago
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Note added by Miranda O. 2 years ago
As the Sun rises,
birds pecking the Earth
grazing on an early meal.

Serenity is bliss!
And nothing is unfathomable.
Human, you are. One life, you get.
Mistakes will be formed,
But persevere.

Unearth Wisdom!
Banish the negativity, force it to flee.

Pushing forward is laborious...
This journey wont wait.
So seize it at every juncture!
Photo added by Alison Cook. 3 years ago
A short poem about Autumn.
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Note added by Erin. 4 years ago
Remember the plot of Someone Like You
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Note added by Kristin Riojas . 5 years ago
My Maid of Honor Poem!
Will you (continue to) help me find my perfect dress?
Will you (continue to) help me through all my wedding stress?
Will you be my counselor, stylist, hostess, interior decorator and taste tester?
Will you let me decide your dress even if it was polyester? (I would never let you wear polyester)
Will you hold my dress up when I have to pee?
Will you dance the night away with me?
Will you help me coordinate my bachelorette party and my perfect wedding day?
Will you (continue to) be my best friend in every way?
Will you help me with boring things… even a ridiculous task?
There’s one more thing I need to ask
Will you be my MAID OF HONOR?
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Note added by Ben Evans. 6 years ago
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Note added by maria. 6 years ago
To you world

Sometimes I wish I could lay and sleep forever
But forever is a long time and I have so much to do and see
I want to travel the world, and read so many books
I want to be happy, I want to be free

I never expected you to understand me
Because you’ve never looked, and you’ve never cared
But in the end my darling
That’s something I can bear

I will delay my sorrow
And I will live to do it all
I will free myself from the pain in my heart
But I ain’t never gonna be dull

(is not much but I tried and english is not even my mother language)
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Won the James Emanuel Poetry prize for "Then"
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Photo added by Maud Heldens. 7 years ago
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Photo added by Gjilke K. 7 years ago
Take me home.

© Gjilke Kerkhof
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Note added by Blue Cougar. 7 years ago
Absent Anthology

I know I left you
Floating around the house somewhere
And now, when I need
Words of comfort,
Of wisdom, of delight -
You are absent.

There is some dark corner
Where dustmotes are exulting to a
Well-turned phrase;
A generation of mice
May view the world differently
Transfixed for a moment
By 'le mot just'

But I, having set aside your wonders
Can merely sit in this silence
And fail to dream.
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Note added by keena. 8 years ago
Never wrote a poem but its worth a try i think
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Note added by Ruth O'Dwyer . 8 years ago
wrote a poem called guardian watcher...
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Note added by Ratnesh. 8 years ago
Check it out!
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Note added by Sue H. 8 years ago
August2011-January 2012 - poem to celebrate Sherill's 60th birtday & 50 years of friendship
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Note added by Andrew Fellner. 8 years ago
"Falling Without You"
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Note added by Helen Whitby. 9 years ago
Once a month!
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Note added by Dani Batz. 9 years ago
written many already at several stages in my life
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Note added by Nurani Virani. 9 years ago
Love story - Ode to my Green Sneakers
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Note added by Ben H.. 10 years ago
It was called "Rain".