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Write down every dream I have for a week.
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love it!
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Note added by Lolly Pop. 8 years ago
Get a Dream Journal
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Note added by Megan. 8 years ago
Well, I finished it, and I must say that I didn't have very exciting dreams... x_x Anyhow, I'm going to keep journalling my dreams.
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Note added by Megan. 8 years ago
4/7 done!
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Note added by Megan. 8 years ago
2/7 done
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Note added by Jordan Smit. 9 years ago
Monday - I had a dream that I was a man called Kyle P. I flipped around a town that had a river running through the middle of it I also gave our my signature. I then dreamt that I was a survivor of a fall out. We ate food and then I woke up. Tuesday - I can't remember if I had a dream or not. Wednesday - Didn't Have A Dream. Thursday - Another Dreamless Sleep. Friday - I dreamt that I had a party at my house. We did weird things. Lol. I then went into my room and changed my clothes for some reason. I then Dreamt that I was driving through town and A cop car was coming up behind me. Then it went speeding past me and I stopped at a Train crossing and cars were driving down it. I think zombieswere invading lol. I went somewhere. I then took River to a Massive water slide with some randoms. It was atleast 70m high and 70m wide. We went down it and at the end we all got prizes. I got a key and i Don't know what it was for. Then River went looking at couches and she wanted to buy a dragon. It was raining outside So I told it to fly over to my house. Saturday - Can't remember. Sunday - I think I was following someone, like a 3rd person camera. Someone was running and they ripped their shift off and ran faster lol.