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Teach English in a foreign country
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Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
Czech Republic
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Note added by Tania Allen. 6 years ago
I did this for barely a week, in South Korea. Never again.
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Photo added by Annebelle. 6 years ago
Taught English in Thailand
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Two sweet little men at school in Roi Et, Thailand!
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Note added by Terri. 7 years ago
Jizzakh, Uzbekistan in Summer 2009
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Note added by Aliya. 8 years ago
Last October I signed up to an internship that i found abroad- it was a TEFL qualification AND the chance to teach and live in Thailand for 6months- amazing. I did this- it was incredible, and i did so many things i could only have ever dreamed of. If you'd like to see more- i have a youtube page dedicated to my travels. If you search alibabanoorm you'll find them. Things i did: October: November: December: January: February: Bathed an elephant Rode an elephant Held a tiger Played with a baby tiger Fed a baby tiger Fed a Zebra Kissed a giraffe Slid down rocks into a waterfall Jumped of rocks into a waterfall Had a nose piercing Got a tattoo with my besty- WILD in thai Before i left i also visited india for a week before coming home to my family and boyfriend of 6 years.
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Note added by Rachel. 8 years ago
Application Process Started July 11, 2010; Taught July 8, 2011- December 23, 2011
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Note added by Zoe Bradbury. 8 years ago
Year 3 at Uni?
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Note added by Rachel. 8 years ago
Signed a contract May 15, 2011