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Write a list of 20 places I want to visit and why
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Note added by Ben Evans. 2 years ago
1. Portugal - Cheap wine, lovely weather. All the Portugese people I've met have been lovely.

2. Spain - It's right next to Portgual and has also very cheap (decent) wine,

3. Sardinia - Huge island of Italy, looks beautiful & peaceful

4. Corsica - Right next to Sardinia - looks equally lovely, and full of history.

5. Sicily - History, wine, weather

6. Malta - History, and absolutely beautiful (ask Sal for advice!)

7. Cyprus - Stunning weather

8. Belgium - EU parliament

9. South of France - Warm

10. Japan - interesting culture, great food, sake!

11. Cambodia - Very interesting recent history

12. Iran - Incredibly diverse landscape. Find out more info from Farbod.

13. Israel - Truly unique place in history right now. Both cultural and religious.

14. Seychelles - Incredibly beautiful islands.

15. Jamaica - Weather, cricket, sights

16. Cuba - Rapidly becoming a tourist hot spot, would be good to go sooner than later.

17. Hebrides, Scotland - Stunning landscapes, probably some nice whiskey too.

18. Tahiti - Spending a few hours there, I loved how oppressively hot it was.

19. Prague, Czech Republic - Was sick with flu when I was actually there, so I need to go back

20.Vatnajökull National Park, Iceland - stunning landscape
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Note added by Mirabella. 3 years ago
1. Glastonbury - To feel the mystery of Avalon
2. Ireland - To see the beautiful country with my on eyes and not only in the movies/pictures
3. Stockholm/Falun - Going back as a tourist and watch everything again.
4. Barcelona - To see Gaudi's masterpieces
5. Venice - Just because it is wonderfull
6. Rome/Vaticaan - Every road leads to Rome..
7. Stonehenge - To see and feel the mystery
8. New York - Visiting the big apple to feel the American way of life
9. New Zealand/Hobbiton - Because I'm a fan of the LOTR/Hobbit movies
10. Great barrier reef/Australia - Because it's down under.
11. Scotland - To see the beauty of the country
12. Londen - So see the big city of the UK
13. Blackforest - to hike around in it and not just drive to
14. Uluru/Australia - Just to see it with my own eyes
15. Nepal
16. France/Normandie
17. Berlin
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Note added by Sarah Gregory. 3 years ago
1) Andorra (between Spain and France)
Andorra looks so pretty and picturesque tucked in between the Pyrenees Mountains. In the middle of nowhere really.

2) Dinosaur Provincial Park - Alberta, CANADA
I love Dinosaurs and would love to visit and spend a day excavating fossils and spend a night under the stars in this dramatic landscape.

3) The Rocky Mountains, CANADA & USA
Abosultely beautiful scenery and stunning landscapes, obvious why I want to go.

4) Vancouver, BC, CANADA
Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

5) Isla Cies, SPAIN
Beautiful white sandy beaches on an Island off the west coast of Spain.

6) Barcelona, SPAIN
For the beach, the mountains and the city all in one. The Old Gothic Quarter and Gaudi Architecture as well as Mount Tibidabo and the zoo!

'The Golden City', 'The City of a Hundred Spires'; Gothic buildings, the castle, twinkling lights on the river Vltava, a fairytale city.

8) Athens, GREECE
Again for the architecture of the temples

9) Paris, FRANCE
The city of 'love'. Romance, des Champs Elysees, Eiffel Tower, shopping.

10) Memphis and its Necropolis, EGYPT
I have always been fascinated with the Egyptians and have always wanted to visit the Pyramids.

11) Lanzarote
Volcanic Island with black sand sounds interesting. You can surf and eat food cooked over a crater, cool.

12) Saint Malo, FRANCE
A walled town on an outcrop of France that was occupied by the Germans.

13) New York City
New York State Building, Times Square, Central Park and zoo.

14) Golden Gate Bridge - San Francisco
I want to see the bridge of course and where Charmed was set.

15) Machu Picchu PERU
The amazing temples.

16) Archaeological Remains of the Bamiyan Valley, AFGHANISTAN
For the remains of course. It looks incredible.

17) Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
For the zoo and the castle and its history.

18) Neuschwanstein Castle, GERMANY
Sleepng Beauty Castle. Inspiration for Disney =]

19) Naples, ITALY
Neapolitan Riviera looks so beautiful, the sea is amazing.

20) Lake Garda, ITALY
I love visiting lakes and this lake looks incredible.
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Note added by Cristine Yabes. 4 years ago
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Note added by Cristine Yabes. 4 years ago
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Note added by Cristine Yabes. 4 years ago
August 30, 2014
Task#30. Write a list of 20 places I want to visit and why.
1. Puerto Princesa. To see the longest underground river.
2. Ilocos Norte. To traverse the Spanish ancestral houses in Vigan and visit Pagudpud.
3. Boracay Island. To lay on the white sand.
4. Hundred Islands. Do kayak adventure.
5. Subic Zambales. To experience tree top adventure zipline.
6. Baguio. Just to relax and take home artworks
7. Camiguin. To see the Sunken Cemetery.
8. Cebu. To have boat trips.
9. Pamicalan Island, Bohol. Enjoy a dolphin and whale watching tour.
10. Bohol. Tour the popular Chocolate Hills.
11. Dumaguete. Visit marine sanctuary and take home fishes to put on acquarium. Hahaha
12. Zoobic Safari, Subic. To personally meet tigers. Hooha!
13. Manila Bay. Watch sunset.
14. Monasterio De Tarlac. Say a prayer and see the relic of the Holy Cross.
15. Brazil. To have selfie in the statue of Christ The Redeemer.
16. San Guillermo Parish Church, Bacolor Pamp. To make a wish in the wishing well.
17. Magic Jade Resort, Arayat Pamp. To feel the massage of the 10 wave pool.
18. Nayong Pilipino. Just curious about Philippine history.
19. Mount Bungkol Baka, San Jose Tarlac. To do overnight camping trips with friends.
20. Bundok Arayat, Pampanga. Just want to experience how it feels to be at its summit.
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Note added by Apphia Barton. 5 years ago
So many places, so little time.
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Photo added by Shannon J. 5 years ago
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Note added by Carina Rebelo. 5 years ago
1) Paris, France: Louvre, Arch of Triumph, Notre Dame cathedral, Panthéon...
2) Egipth: Pyramids, The Saladin Citadel of Cairo
3) Wiltshire, England: Stonehenge
4) Lincolnshire and Cambridgeshire, England: Lincon's Cathedral and Ely Cathedral
5) Barcelona, Spain: Basilica of La Mercè, Sagrada Família church...
6) Rome, Italy: The Colosseum, St. Petters cathedral, Leaning Tower of Pisa...
7) China: The Great Wall, the food
8) Istambul, Turkey: Hagia Sophia
9) Peru: Machu Picchu
10) Agra, India: Taj Mahal
11) Toronto, Canada: CN tower
12) NY city, USA: Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty, Museum of Modern Art...
13) San Francisco, USA: Golden Gate Bridge
14) Yucatán, Mexico: Chichen Itza
15) Colorado, USA: Grand Canyon
16) Queensland, Australia: Great Barrier Reef
17) China-Nepal (Tibet Autonomous Region): Mount Everest
18) Arctic and Antarctic: Aurora
19) South America: Amazon rainforest
20) Zambezi River, Africa: Victory Falls

(This order is only has I remembered)

Note Added
Note added by Anja. 5 years ago
1. Peru – to see what is left from the precolumbic civilizations
2. Bolivia – to see what is left from the precolumbic civilizations
3. Ecuador – to see what is left from the precolumbic civilizations
4. Barcelona – to see Gaudi’s architecture
5. Serengeti/Masai Mara/Ngorongoro Crater – been dreaming about that since growing up, just want to see all the animals in their natural habitation
6. Småland – because it’s the “typical” Sweden known from Astrid Lindgren books and movies and because Astrid Lindgren Värld is there
7. Alhambra, Granada – because it’s just amazing!
8. Dresden – I’d like to see the Frauenkirche again now that it is rebuilt and not only a ruin with huge shelves with numbered stones around it
9. Oslo – because it’s the only Scandinavian capital I haven’t been to yet
10. Uppsala, Sweden – they offer a Swedish summer course there that I’d love to do
11. Stockholm – because I just love that city
12. Santorini – because it looks so beautiful on postcards
13. Wadden Sea – I live in the German state with the longest Wadden Sea coast and haven’t been there yet!
14. HaLong Bay – because it looks like a fantasy landscape
15. Kyoto – it has so much history so different from the European one
16. USA: Mesa Verde, Chaco Culture & Pueblo de Taos regions – have been fascinated by these cultures and their remains ever since I learnt about them
17. Prague – have been there once on a school trip but that was more about having fun than about the city and I actually don’t remember much of the city, that’s why I’d love to go back
18. Salamanca – I’d love to stay in the city where the purest Spanish is spoken (so they say)
19. Gotland – the nature must be amazing
20. Australia – so many amazing UNESCO natural heritage sites
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Photo added by sofia. 6 years ago
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Note added by sofia. 6 years ago
Macchu Picchu
Easter Island
Ireland (again)
New Zealand
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Note added by Cathy Howard. 6 years ago
Edinburgh Castle
Canterbury Cathedral
Castle Howard
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Note added by Lisa Smit. 7 years ago
- Tibet - Nepal - Londen - Berlijn - Parijs
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Note added by Lisa Smit. 7 years ago
- Ijsland - Mexico - Australië - Scandinavië - Thailand
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Note added by Kristin. 7 years ago
nyc hollywood paris greece spain orlando st pete prince edward island charleston gatlinburg japan oregon seattle alaksa london texas savannah australia rhode island huntsville all for beauty, shopping, museums, amusements parks and culture.
Note Added
1. Nara, Japan: DEER! Enough Said 2. Osaka, Japan: Went on Virtual Tourist and the place looked beautiful. 3. Okinawa, Japan: Surfing, heard it was the Japanese equivalent of Hawaii so I was interested. 4. Manila, Philippines: its been 15 years since I've been to the Philippines. Also want to go to the Mall of Asia my mom was always talking about. 5. Vancouver, BC: I've been born and raised here but I haven't been there in 12 years. i want to see how much it has changed. Meeting Daniel from Extra Credits, seeing the hospital where I was born, the school I used to went to and Stanley Park are all nice bonuses too. 6. Sydney, Australia: Its Australia c'mon! This seems like a good city to start. 7. Rotorua, New Zealand: ZOMG Zorbing! And luge! 8. Reykjavic, Iceland: I did a report on this place in grade 9. As I was researching I decided that I really want to go here. They have hotsprings here, who knew? 9. Hawaii, USA: Need I say anything about this place? 10. Roswell, New Mexico: I personally think this would be an intriguing place to visit. 11. New Hampshire: Specifically the American Arcade Museum/Funspot. Ever since Moviebob mentioned/alluded to this place I was dying to go. 12. New York, New York: Potentially Ba Gua Zhang and visit the Pokemon Center there. 13. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania: Specifically to drive a car though the Fort Pitt Tunnel, put the music on so I. Could. Feel. INFINITE! 14. Rebounderz, Anywhere: Seriously look this place up on Youtube, its insane! 15. Kowloon, Hong Kong: So I could meet my uncle there. Also so I can see the Bruce Lee memorial statue, hey maybe I could learn some Wing Chun while im at it. 16. Berlin, Germany: Apparently its cheap to live there in comparison to other European cities. Also possibly taking jiu jitsu. 17. Bangkok, Thailand: I loved Muay Thai and I want to learn about the place where it all began. 18. Auckland, New Zealand: This is where I am hoping to take capoeira classes. Wish me luck! 19. San Francisco, California: I just think this would be an awesome place to visit. I can't imagine what it is like to skateboard in this city! 20. Seoul, South Korea: It's (South) Korea! Need I elaborate? 21. Atacama Desert, Chile: Specifically the place where all the telescopes are at.
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Note added by miriam Vilas. 8 years ago
1. USA - 2. Kilimanjaro - 3. Normandie 4. Canigou 5.