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Write a letter to myself to open the day I graduate high school
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Note Added
Note added by Emily Manta. 2 years ago
I'm finishing Grade 10 now, and I have 2 more years of school.I will write that at the end of my exams and open it at June 2018. I'm very curious to see what I will be like, and how will my thoughts be these days.... And what will have been changed...And what memories will I recall...
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Note added by Rachel Leung. 5 years ago
Completed September 15th, 2013.

Almost gave up on this goal due to how little time there is before graduation, although I decided to give it a go anyway. Hopefully, when the time comes to open it, I will already have forgotten everything I wrote. I really want the letter to deliver its message without my memory of it tarnishing the effect.
Note Added
Note added by Toria Monis. 5 years ago
the letter I wrote to myself in 8th grade! lol so funny
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Note added by Sanne. 5 years ago
I was bored today, so I wrote the note to myself "Dear graduated me, .." A picture will be posted later c:
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Note added by Arrianda. 6 years ago
Wrote a letter in my mind, because i wasn't sure, that i will graduate.
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Note added by Cezanne. 6 years ago
It's in your safe.
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Photo added by Bianca . 6 years ago
2 pages long.
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Note added by Leonor Lalala. 7 years ago
Carta guardada na gaveta da minha mesa de cabeceira, junto à cama.