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Change my hairstyle
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love it!
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Photo added by Monika. 1 years ago
01/04/17 - Tomasz - Hair Project Polska (I'm blonde now but I guess I'll go back to darker brown color. Unfortunately I hate my natural blonde color and this treatment reminded me about this fact...)

January 2018 - I'm thinking about this color right now (photo). We'll see how it goes. Unfortunately, hairdressers always know better and I always end up with a different color. (Also: find a new salon.)
Photo added by Faith Davis. 2 years ago
Cheers :*
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Note added by Susan . 3 years ago
Currently rocking a long bob!
I did a lot of times this year! *-* 2014 year of changes haha
Photo added by Tora Ellingsen. 5 years ago
Cange my hairstyle, done!
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Note added by Fabine Fernandes. 6 years ago
Mari, Mel, Jarbão, Batista Neves
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Note added by Daniel. 7 years ago
Working on it. I've grown my hair out way longer then I've ever before. It's pretty cool, but I still need to figure out something perfect to do with it.
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Note added by Kate Miller. 7 years ago
Cut my ponytail off for Locks of Love
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Note added by Jane Huang. 7 years ago
Friday 4th November 2011 I got a bob cut with bangs! My hair is up to my ears and I have straight bangs across my forehead. My mom cut it for me. I look like I'm wearing a helmet, but that's okay because I actually took a risk for once. I think I prefer my hair long and without bangs but I really think that's just boring. My hair is also way less frizzy this way.
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Note added by Rachel Leung. 7 years ago
December 29th, 2011. Got another straight-perm (as a gift from Paolo), but this time with a haircut and bangs. It got cut a little longer than shoulder length, and was supposed to be layered, but doesn't look it. After three hours at the salon, (which consisted of many, many painful minutes), I was presented with a whole new hairstyle. It's shorter than I would have wanted it, but surprisingly, I love it. This is the shortest that I have ever had my hair cut to (other than when I was little), but I'm really glad to have this change.
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Note added by Sarah Griffith. 8 years ago
getting hair cut - wish me luck!
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Note added by Ariska. 8 years ago
Wohooo ik heb een pony laten knippen!
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Note added by Kerste. 9 years ago
Chopped off 5 inches of hair for my shortest haircut ever. 8/15/2010.