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Go on a road trip without a pre-set destination
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Photo added by Paul Minsi. 6 months ago
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Note added by Miluti. 5 years ago
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Note added by Ingo Willems. 5 years ago
We went to Geraardsbergen for Ruth's birthday!!
Photo added by Niki. 6 years ago
A swamp tour in New Orleans - an activity and a city I never expected to end up in, but it was bloody awesome!
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Note added by Niki. 6 years ago
My whole post-camp travels amounted to a road trip without a pre-set destination. I've always been one for planning things out to a T, getting the dates and times of where we're going, making sure I have maps from every arrival and departure point, liking to be in charge of tickets and bookings and just generally being way OTT with organisation. It's in my nature, partially genetic I think! However, with post-camp, I was so in denial about the end of it all, so wanting to extend the experience, that departure day arrived and I had literally no idea what I was doing. I'd arranged a lift out of camp, then that wasn't quite going to work out and literally I completely made up every single thing I was doing that day, and most days after, as I did it. It took me on a complete whirlwind trip across the East and South of the USA and I wouldn't change it for the world. Just goes to show that disorganisation can be a good thing sometimes
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Note added by Kelly Ngo. 6 years ago
Sept. 28. 2013.
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Note added by Christina. 7 years ago
With Jérémy through the Loire and Brittany
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Note added by Jordon Grier. 8 years ago
Random trip around GA with Steven and Ralph in October 2011
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Note added by Suzan Aardewijn. 9 years ago
First I'd have to get my drivers licence.