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Give money to a street musician
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love it!
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Photo added by Judith Kanaar. 3 years ago
He was pretty good!
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Note added by Rupa Deb. 3 years ago
Continue doing in future
Photo added by Dustin Hughes. 4 years ago
We were wandering around Times Square and this guy was rockin' the saxophone.
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Note added by Kristiina. 5 years ago
Done in Florence, Italy.
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Did this on Wednesday 25th June 2014 in Sheringham - He was good too
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Note added by maria. 6 years ago
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Note added by Alison Ng. 7 years ago
July 10, 2013. At the Reading Food Market in Philly there was a man playing the piano while we ate and I gave him a dollar. Technically he wasn't on the street, but I count it.
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Note added by Andy Vaerini. 7 years ago
30.05.2013 in Barcelona
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Note added by Crystal Keller. 7 years ago
saxaphone on the corner of ontario and michigan in Chicago! may 11 2013 with Greg
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Photo added by Joshua Castillo. 7 years ago
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Note added by Samantha T. 7 years ago
He was singing hot n cold by Katy perry while playing the keyboard, how the hell could I not give change for that hilarity?
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Note added by Anja. 7 years ago
16.03.2013 - to a steeldrum player in Köln who brought a bit of summer to a winter day
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Photo added by Raquel. 8 years ago
September 14, 2012 » with my backpack open and my wallet in one hand, i pat the puppy after i had given money to the musician - i've made a post about this and my day in lisbon on my blog:
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I had seen a girl playing the violin so beautifully for a few days in a row, so I just had to give her some money!
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Note added by Jessi Ward. 8 years ago
Awesome guitarist in NOLA.
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Note added by Emma. 8 years ago
To a guy who played the accordion outside the supermarket!
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Note added by Toni Wittenberg. 9 years ago
a traditional Dutch 'draaiorgel'
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Note added by Ashley Goodridge. 9 years ago
I will marry that boy
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Note added by Jasmine Liesch. 10 years ago
Mad talent on Granville Street the day of May 25, 2010 that could not be ignored.