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Build something out of wood
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love it!
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cup turner
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Built an extension for my desk, so that it can hold my new Veridesk Standing Desk
Photo added by samstoybox. 2 years ago
While not fine furniture, I believe this 2x4 masterpiece counts as something made of wood. It is a step to allow my friend to get into her new shed more easily--the threshold is nearly a foot off the ground.
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Note added by Robert Guy. 4 years ago
Photo added by T.S. Martinuk. 4 years ago
Pergola all stained up and fancy on 05/11/2014!
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Note added by T.S. Martinuk. 4 years ago
03/25/2014 Built birthday pergola with my love Tracey!
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Note added by Nirdeen. 5 years ago
i made a little shelf for the guest room of my dad. worked out better than i expected since petri helped me with the screws. now its just beautiful and i may even add some hooks. HAPPY!
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Note added by Sebastian Cool. 5 years ago
The first thing I ever made out of wood. It may look very simple, and it is but its made with love. When I was on an Island of the coast of Vancouver Island I was wandering around on a beach and found this nice piece of extremely dry wood. I took my knife out and started carving not really knowing what to carve. After a few lines I started carving one of my sisters names. While I was carving, the wood started smelling really good. It took me quite some time to get the letters deep enough and make it fit but I am happy with the result.
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Photo added by Sebastian Cool. 5 years ago
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Note added by Djimme van Etten. 6 years ago
Mijn kunstzinnige kunstwerk bestond deels uit hout
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Note added by John Darnell. 7 years ago
Drew up plans, buying materials