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Note Added
Note added by Marie D. 21 days ago
I've followed some podcasts on Spotify, will check them out and see if I like them. I would like to find 5 series that I can regularly follow.


1) Le tchip
Note Added
Note added by Wulfie. 3 months ago
1) LadyGang
2) Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness
3) Alex Aiono: Let's Get Into It
4) SongWriter
5) Mike Birbiglia's Working It Out
Note Added
Note added by Carol Scott. 6 months ago
Front Burner, By The Book, Optimal series, etc.
Note Added
Note added by Aden Lynch. 11 months ago
I decided the number was three because I don’t listen to podcasts much. And I’ve added 2 to my list.
I started listening to “Stuff You Missed in History Class” and “Overheard”.
Note Added
Note added by Monika. 2 years ago
Gary van Warmerdam
Tim Ferris
The Brendon Show
Note Added
Note added by TSP. 3 years ago
What Should We Draw
Note Added
Note added by William. 3 years ago
Reply All
Marek vs Wyshynski
Mark Marek
The Bobcast
WTF with Mark Maron
Note Added
Note added by TSP. 3 years ago
The Adventure Zone
Within the Wires
Alice Isn't Dead
Note Added
Note added by Carine. 3 years ago
Double X / XX Files
XX, Will travel
Indie travel podcast
Have Mic Will Travel
Thoughtful Travel Podcast
Extra Pack of Peanuts podcast
The Co-operatives
Idle Weekend
Gamers with Jobs
Marta on the Move
Drunk Cousins
My Favourite Murder
The Peripheral
Generation Why podcast
Not by Accident
Dear Sugar
Strong Opinions Loosely Held
Love Me
Modern Love
The Moth
Death, Sex and Money
This American Life
How Did This Get Made
Someone Knows Something
Thinking Sideways
More Perfect
On the Media
New Yorker Radio Hour
Ask Me Another
Tell Me Something I Don't Know
History Chicks
You Must Remember This
The Memory Palace
Two Dope Queens
Guys We Fucked
Here's the Thing
Anna Faris Is Unqualified
Note To Self
99% Invisible
Science Vs.
Reply All
No Such Thing As A Fish
Voice Of Absurdity
Caught In the Web
Going Deep With Aaron Watson (esp. episode 131)
The Game Over Greggy Show
Sword and Scale
We're Alive
The Last Podcast on the Left
The Mental Illness Happy Hour
Shane And Friends
Straight Talk with Ross Mathews
Spirits Podcast
The Bright Sessions
Radiation World
Ars Paradoxica
Greater Boston
The Penumbra Podcast
Jim Robbie and the Wanderers
Family Tree
The Bridge
Adam Ruins Everything
Up and Vanished
The Infinite Monkey Cage
My Dad Wrote A Porno
Soul Music from BBC Radio 4
The Black Tapes
We're Alive: Lockdown
Legends, Myths and Whiskey
The Box
RuPaul: What's the Tee?
Steve Dangle podcast
Role Playing Public Radio
Brilliant idiots
The Read
Darkest Night
Uncanny Country
Edict Zero - FIS
Subject: Found
The Deep Vault
King Falls AM
The Bridge
Return Home
Small Town Horror
Archive 81
Faculty of Horror
Something On the Internet Is Wrong
Four Finger Discount
Planet Money
My Brother, My Brother and Me
Stuff You Should Know
Mystery Show
Tell Em Steve Dave
Hollywood Babbleon
Jay & Silent Bob Get Old
We Wrote A Musical
Small Screen Casualties
Tinder Tales
The Moth
The Nerdist
Love + Radio
Snap Judgement
Girl on Guy
The Orbiting Human Circus of the Air
The Black Guy Who Tips
Rude Tudors
Hello From the Magic Tavern
Throwing Shade
Myths and Legends
Friendzone Pod
The Combat Jack Show
Dan Carlin's Hard Core History
Atheist Experience
The Thinking Atheist
Dogma Debate
Atheism 101
Mythisist Milwaukee
Emotionally Broken Psychos
The Poetry Gods
The Hidden Brain Podcast
The Mike on Much Podcast
Kicking the Kyriarchy
Drinking Partners
Where's My 40 Acres?
Philosophize This
Beautiful Stories From Anonymous People
Vidiots Video Store Show
Call Your Girlfriend
Stop Podcasting Yourself
Savage Lovecast
History Goes Bump
The Curioso
The Roguish Gent
The Podcast Brothers
Hank and John Green
The Fan of Fan Podcast
Alison Rosen Is Your New Best Friend
Midlife Ballers
The Comedy Button
Other Paid Time
Rose Buddies
Analyze Phish
Comedy Bang! Bang!
Your Mom's House
That's Deep Bro
This Won't Hurt a Bit
You're So Brave
The Sourcefed Podcast
Sorry About Last Night
Stuff You Should Know
TED Radio Hour
Histories of the Unexpected
Surprisingly Awesome
If I Were You
Cosmo Happy Hour
You Must Remember This
Smarter Politics
Inside the Ropes
History Hit
The Adventurous Zone
Realm of the Weird
The Bitch Bible
The Lady Gang
Up and Vanished
True Crime Garage
The Weeds
Keeping It 1600
The Hilarious World of Depression
Wolf 359
Answer Me This
Coffee With Chrachel
Hollywood Handbook
Bodega Boys
Tax Season
Last Call Podcast
Harry Potter and the Sacred Text
Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!
The Friend Zone
Attack the Rim
Lady Lovin'
Bizarre States
Twenty Thousand Hertz
The Jenna
Throwing Shade
Beyond The Darkness
Wooden Overcoats
The Tunnels
Darkest Hour
Return Home
Greater Boston
The Magnus Archives
The Babysitters Club Club
Wizard and the Bruiser
Abe Lincoln's Top Hat
Strange N Unusual
Jim Robbie and the Wanderers
You Are Here
The Lift
Audioblivious Productions
Siblings Peculiar
Hadron Gospel Hour
Still Buffering
Cha Cha Heels
Blank Check with Griffin & David
Beef & Dairy Network Podcast
The Allusionist
12 Hour Day
The Adam Buxton Podcast
Let's Know Things
Dispatches from the Communal Bathroom
Song Time
Tiny Leaps Big Changes
Party of one Podcast
Monstercat Podcast
Unsolved Murders: True Crime Stories
We Hate Movies
Made For TV Mayhem Show
Nosleep Podcast
More Perfect from WNYC Radio
Note Added
Note added by Rosa. 3 years ago
Marathon Training Academy
Note Added
Note added by Carine. 4 years ago
Pizza party podcast
Welcome to Night vale
The black tapes
Alice isn't dead
King falls am
The message
Archive 81
Politico nerdcast
Friend of the family
Spirits: a drunken dive into myths and legends
Small town horror
Return home
More perfect
Stuff you should know
Ask me another
The moth
This American life
Snap judgement
The story collider
The bright sessions
Within the wires
99% invisible
The history of English
Stuff you missed in history class
Beautiful / anonymous
The miss fisher philes
Dear hank and John
The philosopher's arms
Clients from hell
Slumber party with Alie and Georgia
Wolf 359
Anna Faris is unqualified
Life after downton: high school confidential
TED radio hour
Stuff mom never told you
Note Added
Note added by Maria Bernat. 4 years ago
Sword and Scale
This American Life
The Last Podcast on the Left
Note Added
Note added by Rosa. 5 years ago
Good Life Project
The Jillian Michaels Show
Note Added
Note added by Rosa. 5 years ago
Happier with Gretchen Rubin
Dear Hank and John
Shipwrecked podcast
Note Added
Note added by Anja. 5 years ago
* Talking Fussball
* Sommar-/Vintarvärder i P1
Note Added
Note added by Lisette Loof. 6 years ago;
Note Added
found a few apps with podcasts
Note Added
Note added by Verity Smart. 6 years ago
I've subscribed to a creative writing podcast with rave reviews and the RHS gardening podcast.
Note Added
Note added by Kerri Hysuick. 6 years ago
I tried and sampled quite a few. I really don't like listening to podcasts!
Note Added
Note added by Maerlyn. 8 years ago
Love my new podcasts
Note Added
Note added by Sandra. 8 years ago
In the evening I listen to TED on CBC radio. Always new and refreshing. Not always my favorite subject.

The other day the subject was the expeditions to the Northpole and how brave the men were. Very interesting.