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August: Peach Cobbler
APR'21: Rye-Bürli-Buns
MAR'21 - No-bake Cookie Dough
FEB'21: Walnut-Carrot-Wafers
JAN'21 - Mile High Blueberry Muffins
Chocolate & Orange Cake
Alho Francês à Brás
Baba de Camelo
Lemon Chocolate Mousse
02/2019: Dairy-free Cupcakes with Vegan Strawberry Icing
01/2019: Chocolate Crinkle Cookies
12/2018: Red Velvet Cookies
11/2018: Birthday Cupcakes (GF&DF) for Danielle
10/2018: Caramelized White Chocolate Cookies.

09/2018: Pumpkin and Cream Cheese Swirl Muffins.

Bell pepper stuffed with tuna and vegetables
White Chocolate Mousse
Apple Crumble
Avocado and chocolate brownies
February 2018: Coconut- white chocolat muffins

March 2018: Apple cinnamon Cake
Queijadinhas de leite
11/15 Recipe chosen
September 2016- Cream Biscuits
August 2016- Coconut Macaroons
July 2016- French Apple Tart
June 2016- Coffee Brownies
May 2016- Macademia Nut Cookies
April 2016- apple cupcakes
March 2016- brownies and banh da lon
February 2016- chocolate crinkle cookies
January 2016- waffles and iced cookies
December 2015- Christmas cut out cookies
November 2015- apple roses
October 2015- raspberry cheesecake cupcakes
Aug (late) - Chocolate Pepper Cookies
June - attempted to improve a brownie recipe.
April 2015: cinnamon rolls
March 2015: lemon cupcakes
April (Did this early because of Pesach) - Brach Milk Maid Caramel Chocolate Cake
February 2015: Feenküsse (= fairy kisses)
January 2015: spicy puff pastry cookies
December 2014: gingerbread houses from scratch
November 2014: black&white cake
October 2014: treacle tart
September 2014: oatmeal and pumpkin muffins
March - Nutella gooey butter cake
January: Almond stuffed dates (for Moroccan food night)

February: Baklava (for Greek food night)

March: Blackberry tart (for French food night)

April: Pineapple rum cake (for Puerto Rican food night)

May: Red bean mochi (for Korean food night)

June: Injara (for Ethiopian food night)

July: Red bean soup (for Japanese food night)

February: Bread pudding (for Scottish food night)
Feb - Microwave Baked Salmon
Oct 2014 - chocolate chip apple crumble, chocolate chip coconut oatmeal cookies

Nov 2014 - broccoli & ham potato casserole, vanilla liqueur yams with apple & onion

Dec 2014 - gluten free peppermint brownie bites

Jan 2015 - Chocolate pumpkin smores cupcakes
Dec 2014 (Peanut Butter and Chocolate Fudge)

Jan 2015 (Banana Bread)

Feb 2015

Mar 2015

Apr 2015

May 2015

Jun 2015

Jul 2015

Aug 2015

Sep 2015

Oct 2015

Nov 2015

Dec 2015

Jan 2016

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Jan - Microwave Strawberry Vanilla Mug Cake
July 2014 - Sausage rolls for my housewarming

August 2014 - Lemon and poppyseed cake for Steve's birthday

September 2014 - Red velvet cupcakes for my birthday

October 2014 - Chicken & Sweetcorn pie

November 2014 - Christmas cake!
October 2014 - Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies.
August 2014: pumpkin pasties
July 2014: brownie walnut tarte
June 2014: chocolate muffins
May 2014: zebra brownies
April 2014: lemon cake
March 2014: pizza
February 2014: chocolate cake
May 2014 - Pineapple & coconut cupcakes and chocolate brownies
April 2014 - Easter cookies!
June 2014 - wholemeal pitta breads
March 2014 - boozie homemade chocoalte mousse with sesame snap and amaretto
February 2014 - not sure it counts as baking as my friend made the cake but I assisted with decorating the Mad Hatter Tea Party cake!
Vol au vent :
- Cupcake

- Fish Couscous

- Home made bread

- Samsa

- Butter chicken (indian recipe)

- Falafel

- Vol au vent
January 2014 - cookies I made using my left over raising & whisky fudge (also homemade!)
Januari 2014 -> Havermoutkoekjes

Februari 2014 -> Chocolade cupcakes
14-01-24: Ha, Rosenkuchen mit Butter-Zimt-Füllung aus frischer Hefe! Diesmal ist der Teig so gegangen wie er sollte. Und damit war es dann, nun ja, Hefekuchen eben ...
13-12: Marzipan-Orangeat-Spritzgebäck in S-Form, in zwei Fuhren. K. liebt es. Auch alle anderen, die es gekostet haben (Konstanze und Kollegen) waren begeistert. :)
February 2012 - Banana chocolate chip muffins

March 2012 -

April 2012 - Carrot Cake Cupcakes

May 2012 - (sick/vacation)

June 2012 -

July 2012 - Crockpot Peach Cobbler

August 2012 - Chocolate chip banana bread (using my college banana bread recipe)

September 2012 -

October 2012 - Pumpkin pie

November 2012 - Heath Bar Dessert

December 2012 -

January 2013 -

February 2013 - Gluten Free Bread

March 2013

April 2013

May 2013

June 2013

July 2013

August 2013 - Gluten Free Pecan Bread

September 2013

October 2013

November 2013 - Eclair Cake

December - Gluten Free Blueberry Muffins

January 2014 - Paleo Banana Bread

February 2014
January 2014: galette des rois (French King cake) for Epiphany
December 2013: Christmas pudding
January: Made a SF fish stew
Just one of my many Christmas themed bakes! Candy canes crushed and sprinkled over biscuits - December 2013
Christmas cake (my grandma's recipe, with help from my sister, ready for doses of Brandy before Christmas) - November 2013
Giant Yorkshire Puddings! - October 2013
This will be in conjunction with T.S.'s "cook something from a different country every month for a year" goal - I will bake a dessert from that country to go with our meal!
November 2013: Potato and sweet potato casserole with vegetables
October 2013: pumpkin pie
Triple chocolate cookies - September 2013

Chocolate cookies with white chocolate chips and caramel rolos