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Get a tattoo
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August 30th 2022

Got a quite spontaneous tattoo. My favorite tattoo artist (that has a looong waiting list) uploaded on their Instagram story that they have one free appointment for the other day.
I reached out to her and now I got a beautiful first (and probably last) tattoo
Left inner upper arm, "se hace camino al andar" from Caminante no hay camino by Antonio Machado, roughly translates to the way/path is made by walking [it]
'Wanderlust' on my left wrist, done on March 11th, 2019
Contacted the tattoo artist I wanted, but got rejected... :sad:
I have to find someone else that I like and that would accept my idea.
goal date: Jan 2023
Saturday October 23rd
Tatunka Tattoo in South Royalton Vermont
Sister Tattoos!
Sept 2021: asked sister to draw tattoo
After Costa rica
"Nothing real can be threatened." This was my first tattoo. Painful but I am in love with the result. Beyoncé will always be with me now!

The appointment is booked for February 12th. I am slightly nervous, but mostly excited. I am finally doing this!
So, I went to the consultation yesterday. It went really well! And the whole tattoo is going to cost less than I thought originally. It's looking like the first week of February will be when I get my tattoo :D
I have a tattoo I'd like to get in mind. I had planned on getting it last year, but obviously that was a shit show.

I am going to reach out to a tattoo parlor in my city and see about a consultation. I think this could be a great year for a tattoo :)
Talked to my wife about this last night, as one of the early things to do post-COVID vaccine. I would need to strongly consider how I want it designed, but for my first, I'm thinking of a line from "The Labyrinth:" "Through dangers untold / and hardships unnumbered."

Labrynith wasa defining piece of media from my childhood, and post-COVID, I feel like the sentiment is apt.
planning with boyfriend to get one at the end of quarantine
2/2/20 - Currently I have 17
Found the artist and a more precise idea. Contacted them, now I need to get the nerve to actually get an appointment to discuss this project.
I got the idea. Now I need to find the artist and to get the nerve to go see them.
Something simple in a hidden spot to find out if I would even like being tattooed.
hjarta með loppu og nafnið Skundi hinu megin
My 17th birthday present
Say Whatever My Life May Bring written down my side
Technically 2 tattoos:

Tattoo 1: Chuck's memorial

Tattoo 2: Grandmother's saying
I have over 20 tatoos
My lovely fox. ❤
"Actually, I can. "
"You are a child of the universe; no less than the trees or the stars, you have a right to be here." - Max Ehrmann, 'Desiderata'
Friday 13th / Deathly Hallow with Time and Tide
Drvo iza na vratu 10/2017

Grančica na ruci 10/2018

Neki simbol za nozi 10/2019
Sister tattoo for Cari's birthday! I went first :)
Just Temporary tattoo's
I got a tattoo in November.
it depends on what i want but i boleve it is like 60$ for the 2 tattose i want
•on left wrist, like a bracelet: "There has always been heartache and pain and when it's over you'll breathe again"

•on right wrist: a bracelet made of leaves/vines with a stylized V "dangling" from it to remind myself to pay more attention to what I buy, eat, and do

•on chest: rainbow spatter with stars

•decide placement/arrangement later: a Triforce, the Deathly Hallows, the Rebel Alliance symbol

•on my left shoulder blade: "I've tarnished all our memories but there will always be a trace of you," possibly with mementos
Maori tattoo in Australia/Oceania
My new rib tattoo!
Not sure about the exact day.
Started looking for ideas and where I'd like them. Now to pick which one I have first and a tattoo artist who's good.
I have a butterly on my belly and a kanji on my right wrist. I want to get many more.
Got it for my 23rd birthday. So in love with it!
This goal was originally "Call insurance and handle Dr bill for hand x-ray" but I finished it so I swapped it for this new goal.
Cardinal on left foot, swallow on right foot

pie symbol on hand & geometric lines of finger

Mountain on neck

bee on knee

fox on ribs
Farm animal foot prints
I'd love one that includes a stylized semicolon. (http://www.projectsemicolon.org/)
Complete on my for my 30th Birthday, 6th November, 2014
now i want a gazillion more. they're addicting.
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A tattoo is a form of body modification made by inserting tattoo ink, dyes, and/or pigments, either indelible or temporary, into the dermis layer of the skin to form a design. Tattoo artists create these designs using several tattooing processes and techniques, including hand-tapped traditional tattoos and modern tattoo machines. The history of tattooing goes back to Neolithic times, practiced across the globe by many cultures, and the symbolism and impact of tattoos varies in different places and cultures.
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