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Make a birthday cake for someone
Adding a tablespoon of mayonnaise to your cake batter will make it extra moist and fluffy.
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My partner had his birthday on Friday and I baked him a cake! The yellow shape is the logo for Star Trek (he's a massive fan), which I set to one side because I was going to write happy birthday but even doing the outline on the delta was difficult! He loved it anyway, and it was delicious!
Made a birthday cake for my dad's 69th birthday! It's not as pretty as I wanted it to be since the weather was so hot and the icing was melting as soon as I put it on the cake! It still tasted very good though ^-^
I made my granddaughters 1st birthday cake
Für Svens Geburtstag: Bananenschnitten, Stracciatella- und Zitronenkuchen ♥️
Made a cake for my nephew's second birthday in December 2022
Jensines 26th, "Meh" unicorn color cake, chocolate pound cake
Jasper’s 10th birthday cake
Jake’s birthday, 7/6/21.
Made Angel Food cake
Peanut Butter Pie - Dad's Bday 11/17/2020
Rainbow birthday cake for my daughter
Done 2 cakes on for my daughter
For my lovely grandmother on her 77th birthday.
Aniversário do Tur - 2020
Sister Trinity. 4th B-Day.
Birthday cake for Sophie
Bolo de cenoura vulcão vegano
Mamma 60. Eg og Berglind vorum i 4 tima að baka
Luca's birthday cake
Made a chocolate birthday cake for my cousin's 5th birthday
For my sons 13th birthday 🎂. Chocolate 🍫 Kit kat cake with chocolate frosting and topped with maltesers!
Gia's gluten free birthday cake, complete with gluten free "Birthday Cake" macarons made by Whisked Bakery.
I made Danielle a birthday cake for her 26th birthday. We had a little party at miracle bowl and ate the cake.

I also made a tres leches cake for Idianis's birthday. She thought it was too sweet!!
It wasn't a cake, but I did make dessert for Britini's birthday. I made that avocado chocolate pudding stuff that goes back in the avocado shell........per her request........omg, YUCK!!!
Best reaction ever! Had her blindfolded and walked her to her cake. She was thrilled. When asked later what she got for her birthday, all she would respond with was "a monster cake." :) Favorite Auntie award in the bag ;)
I made Mum a birthday cake for her 60th Birthday.
Birthdaycake for my kids.
Made the Hummingbird cake for the mother of my boyfriend.
This was one of the cakes I made when my dad turned 50.
It looks a little bit sad, but it was yummy.
Made a birthday cake for Allie Russo (and Nancy Anderson, sort of) for August 7, 2015
I made a carrot cake for my best friends birthday. We had a BBQ with friends at a local park. The day was a blast!
Carrot Cake para Claudia !
Birthday Cake for my girlfriend <3
Very roughly made with no measuring cups for a work colleague..but turned out ok thankfully!
Jason and Greg: Feb birthdays at work
voor sanne's 16e verjaardag!
made this for my mother!
For my man's 34th birthday
I made cakes for both Gran and Glyn in 2014.
3/30/13 - Dad Camo Cake
Birthday cake for Papa Bill's 80th - June 2014
Made the Cake but Nic iced it so it didn't count. Need to do one from start to finish.
"Cielaviņa" for Madaras 22nd birthday :)
Made for Billy's 26th Birthday!
Feb 5 2014 - Nathan's Birthday! Monster's inc themed :)
Jaime's 30th birthday (2014) - Carrot Pistachio Cake
Made Lee a surprise cake for his 28th Birthday
Made pumpkin pie for my grandma's birthday in October and served it with vanilla ice cream.
Made unicorn cake for my nieces 6th birthday!
Made a coffee cake for Mutti for her birthday :)
Birthday cake for Naomi! 14 August 2013
birthday cake for my dear sister))
Birthday cake
A birthday cake is a cake eaten as part of a birthday celebration. While there is no standard for birthday cakes, they are typically highly decorated layer cakes covered in frosting, often featuring birthday wishes and the celebrant's name. In many cultures, it is also customary to serve the birthday cake with small lit candles on top, especially in the case of a child's birthday. Variations include cupcakes, cake pops, pastries, and tarts. In more recent years, it has become a common flavour for confectionery including ice cream, PopTarts, various cereal varieties among others. The flavour is usually vanilla with sweeter hints to imply sprinkles.
This description uses material from the Wikipedia article on Birthday cake and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (view authors).