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Spend a rainy day watching films in my PJ's
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Stranger Things Season 4. With Beer and Chicken Tangdi Kabab.
Watched Zodiac, The Covenant, and To Catch a Killer
Boxing Day 2019 turned out to be the perfect day with the cold air blowing in the open windows and raindrops decorating the glass I stayed inside dressed in my new PJ's watching Christmas movies doing housework during the adverts its amazing what one can accomplish in 3 minutes 20 times a day without really thinking about it. I should do this more often!
Sorry to Bother You

Black Panther

The Favourite

A Quiet place

Get Out


Raining at Gulf Shores 1.06.17 movies and Jammie. Too much sitting for me.
before i started working i would do this every saturday
4. The final film of the day. It has been a fun, and relaxing day.
3. The third film of the day.
2. The second movie in my rainy/grey day marathon.
1. The rain is falling outside, so I decided this would be the perfect day to reach this goal, since before long there will be no rain days, just snow days. This is my first film I've selected to watch.
Not only did it rain but thunder too. I watched an awful lot of Doctor Who!
That one of the best days ever.
fatimaaan + projectorrr
May 25: Flood in SA, stuck inside and watched a movie/shows.
Last winter this is what I did most days. Lounge around and watch movies then go to the video store and get more ahaa. I remember i was in loooove with bones at this time and watched all the season apart from the last one :(

This is me lying in bed watching bones with my favvvv chinese ✿
Okay, So it may not have rained. But rainy days are hard to come by when you live in the desert.
10.29.12 - Hurricane Sandy!
Sat around on a rainy day in our PJs (9.16.12) watching movies/yo gabba gabba all day!
not a rainy day but a sick one. either way, it's done!
and don't feel guilty about it!
hopefully over the xmas holidays 2010
Snuggled up on the sofa with Owen watching LOTR 4/3/12
8.27.11-8.28.11 for Hurricane Irene 2011. Watched 4 movies and tried to break nigt but it didn't work. Luckily New Jersey didnt get hit very bad because i was very scared. And i got a Sunday off out of it. Stayed in pj's all day with my hubby :)
'The Secret Life of Bees'
'The Last Legion'
'Nim's Island'
'It's complicated'
wasn't really rainy (it rained for a little bit, but then the sun came out, then it was cloudy, then the sun came out) but i was determined to do it anyway. so i did.
22.1.2012 completed! Watched M, All About Eve, and Casablanca
Did this with Willis is Iowa :)
Stephanie started it. It was raining basically daily in Tallahassee and we sat in the house and watched films. Well, tried to. She kept stopping them with like ten minutes left to watch something else. Apparently she'd seen them so many times it was okay because she'd already finished them in her head. (I hadn't! >_<)