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Find out my blood type
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My blood type is B+.
Logged in today to Oneblood.org and found out that my Blood Type is A+.
I donated enough blood today to help three people who need transfusions. In ten days I will be able to go into a portal to find out my blood type. It honestly wasn't bad at all. It normally is an 8 to 13 minute process once they start withdrawing blood. It only took me 5 minutes to give blood due to the fact that I was well hydrated, and I have good veins.
There is going to be a blood bus at work on May 5th. I hope to find out what blood type I am that day. I'm not sure how much blood is taken, so I'm a little nervous. I have always wanted to do this though. Hopefully I am able to help someone by doing this.
I'm A+! I found out in a routine screening at my job.
O- !!! Special blood
Received one of the home kits for Christmas!
How do you find out your blood type please tell me :(
Pregnancy blood test
How do you do this? Go to your doctor? Take a home test or... I don't know:P
I finally found out my blood type!!! A+ (pretty common apparently). Is it weird that I'm giddy about this? Eeeeek :D
Donated blood today, and now I'm waiting to hear back on my blood type!
O+ from my Mama's notebook
aaaaaand my blood type is A+ :)
This is proving more difficult than expected. You can only get this done if you pay a sizeable amount of money as it's not available on the NHS, are on dialysis or if you give blood.
Ordered and received kit! Now I just have to get up the nerve to take it.
O+ :) not as rare as you'd think
A negative. only 6% of the population has it.
Blood type
Blood type (or blood group) is determined, in part, by the ABO blood group antigens present on red blood cells. A blood type (also called a blood group) is a classification of blood based on the presence or absence of inherited antigenic substances on the surface of red blood cells (RBCs). These antigens may be proteins, carbohydrates, glycoproteins, or glycolipids, depending on the blood group system.
This description uses material from the Wikipedia article on Blood type and is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License (view authors).