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Jamaica is an island nation of the Greater Antilles, 234 kilometres (145 mi) in length and as much as 80 kilometres (50 mi) in width, amounting to 11,100 square kilometres (4,300 sq mi). It is situated in the Caribbean Sea, about 145 kilometres (90 mi) south of Cuba, and 191 kilometres (119 mi) west of Hispaniola, the island harboring the nation-states Haiti and the Dominican Republic.
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Kingston is the capital and largest city of Jamaica, located on the southeastern coast of the island. It faces a natural harbour protected by the Palisadoes, a long sand spit which connects the town of Port Royal and the Norman Manley International Airport to the rest of the island. In the Americas, Kingston is the largest predominantly English-speaking city south of the United States. The local government bodies of the parishes of Kingston and St.
Dunn's River Falls is a famous waterfall near Ocho Rios, Jamaica and a major Caribbean tourist attraction that attracts thousands of visitors each year. About 600 feet (180 m) high, the waterfalls are terraced like giant stair steps of which some are man-made improvements. Several small lagoons are interspersed among the vertical sections of the falls.
Ocho Rios (Spanish for "Eight Rivers") is a town in the parish of Saint Ann on the north coast of Jamaica. Just outside the city, travelers and residents can visit Columbus Park, where Columbus supposedly first came on land, and see maritime artifacts and Spanish colonial buildings. It was once a fishing village but now caters to tourists. It is a port of call for cruise ships as well as for cargo ships loading sugar, limestone, and in the past, bauxite. Scuba diving and other water sports are offered in the town's vicinity.
Festivals and Events
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Basket Reef, Montego Bay
To the delight of snorkelers and divers alike, Montego Bay is famous for its wall dives and for being home to the island’s first Marine Park. The Bay’s principal attraction is a profusion of sponges in a veritable rainbow of colors. Several dive sites are located within the Park itself. Basket Reef is a popular site in the Montego Bay Area. It is named for the giant basket sponges that are found here."

Bob Marley Week
Throughout Jamaica but especially in Kingston, people celebrate the life and music of Bob Marley, who died of cancer in 1981 at the age of 36. Reggae fans and Rastafarians gather to enjoy a feast of events evoking the memory of Jamaica's favourite son.