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The Kingdom of Swaziland (Umbuso weSwatini), sometimes called Ngwane or Swatini, is a landlocked country in Southern Africa, bordered to the north, south and west by South Africa, and to the east by Mozambique. The nation, as well as its people, are named after the 19th century king Mswati II. Swaziland is a small country, no more than 200 km north to south and 130 km east to west. The western half is mountainous, descending to a lowveld region to the east.
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Experience breathtaking views, challenging trails, and pristine nature while hiking in the Swiss Alps.
Embark on a journey to the charming city of Mbabane in Swaziland, where a plethora of cultural experiences await. Explore the vibrant markets, sample traditional Swazi cuisine, and immerse yourself in the rich history of the region at the Swazi National Museum. Take a hike in the surrounding mountains, visit the craft markets for unique souvenirs, and witness the stunning landscapes of this beautiful African destination.
Umhlanga, or Reed Dance ceremony, is an annual Swazi and Zulu tradition held in August or September. Tens of thousands of unmarried and childless Swazi/Zulu girls and women travel from their villages to participate in the eight-day event. In Swaziland they gather at the Queen Mother's royal village, which currently is Ludzidzini Royal Village, while Nongoma is the site of the royal reed dance in Zululand.
The Jane Goodall Institute Chimpanzee Eden, commonly referenced as Chimp Eden is a 1,000 ha (2,500 acres) game reserve and sanctuary for rescued chimpanzees, in the Umhloti Nature Reserve, near Barberton, Mpumalanga, South Africa.
Hlane Royal National Park is a park in Swaziland, roughly 67km northeast of Manzini along the MR3 road. Prior to the park being public, it was a private royal hunting ground. Hlane, meaning 'wilderness', was named by King Sobhuza II. It is now held in trust for the Nation by His Majesty King Mswati III, and is managed by Big Game Parks, a privately owned body. It is Swaziland's largest protected area and also the largest park.
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