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Venezuela is a country in South America. Having a shoreline along the Caribbean Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean, Venezuela borders Colombia to the west, Guyana to the east and Brazil to the south, and is situated on the major sea and air routes linking North and South America. Off the Venezuelan coast are the Caribbean island states of Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles and Trinidad and Tobago. The Angel Falls (Churun Meru) in the Guiana Highlands is the world's highest waterfall and one of Venezuela's major tourist attractions.
Popular Goals
Looking for an adventure of a lifetime? Head to Venezuela and witness the breathtaking beauty of Angel Falls, the world's highest uninterrupted waterfall!
A tepui, or tepuy, is a table-top mountain or mesa found in the Guiana Highlands of South America, especially in Venezuela. The word tepui means "house of the gods" in the native tongue of the Pemon, the indigenous people who inhabit the Gran Sabana. Tepuis tend to be found as isolated entities rather than in connected ranges, which makes them the host of a unique array of endemic plant and animal species. Some of the most outstanding tepuis are Neblina, Autana, Auyantepui and Mount Roraima.
Visit Caracas, Venezuela, a vibrant city known for its stunning mountain backdrop and rich cultural heritage.
Mount Roraima (also known as Roraima Tepui or Cerro Roraima in Spanish, and Monte Roraima in Portuguese), is the highest of the Pakaraima chain of tepui plateau in South America. First described by the English explorer Sir Walter Raleigh in 1596, its 31 km summit area is defended by 400-metre-tall cliffs on all sides. The mountain includes the triple border point of Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana.
Coro (also known as Santa Ana de Coro) is the capital of Falcón State and the oldest city in the west of Venezuela.
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Other Goals
Experience the awe-inspiring beauty of Canaima National Park, home to the world's highest waterfall, Angel Falls.
Visit Caracas, Venezuela, a vibrant city known for its stunning mountain backdrop and rich cultural heritage.

Angel Falls
Angel Falls was first seen by the explorer Ernesto de Santa Cruz at the beginning of the 20th century before the known world. Then the American aviator, James Crawford Angel was officially discovered this waterfall as he searched for gold mining site. In 1936, James Angel returned and landed near the waterfall. To commemorate the founder of this waterfall named "Angel Falls". However Pemon Indians themselves called it a "Auyan-tepui" ("Aiyan-tepui") or "Mountain of the Devil".
Source: thetouristattractions.blogspot.com