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When I started this site, I took the top 101 goals without reviewing them, and told myself that if I'd already done it, I'd do it again.

That, this one was pretty straight forward, since I have a few years of veganism under my belt. My advise to anyone else who wants to try vegetarianism though is this: GO FOR IT!

Changing how I eat opened me up to all kinds of food I would have never expected. Thai, Indian, Korean, Mediterranean, pretty much any culture that's not American, they all have tons of naturally vegetarian dishes so you don't need to feel like your new habits are just you're old habits but restricted.

If you don't like tofu one way, try it every other way. Scrambled tofu with curry powder and whatever else is a no-brainer if you like if softer, as well as miso soup and things like that. Stir-fry does well with firm tofu pan-fried, and silken tofu pureed can make chocolate pudding filling enough to eat as a meal. Vegan with a Vengeance is an awesome cook book, but there's plenty of options out there. Also, tofu is easy cheaper at Asian markets (like $1.16/lb cheap, which might be incentive enough to go try some other new ingredients while you're there)

Tofu isn't the end-all - be-all. Tempeh is another soy based option that is a little heartier. Seitan is tasty too if prepared well, but it's almost entirely wheat gluten, so celiacs beware. Chickpeas also have tons of protein, so falafel and hummus is an awesome way to switch up your protein sources. Sprouted mung beans are dirt cheap and can replace some veggies to add protein. Bulgur wheat has a good amount too, and beans in any form are great for iron and protein.

Watch your nutrition. Iron and b12 are things people can miss if they turn into a cheese pizza vegetarian or a peanut butter sandwich vegan. Both have cheap supplements you can take to just know you're covered, but a varied diet will get you there too. Except vegans and b12. That's the only vitamin that isn't naturally occurring in plant food, though it is in enriched Soy milk, nutritional yeast, probiotic things, and, uh, energy drinks. B12 vitamins generally come in doses 100x more than your daily requirement, which isn't a problem unless you're already low on iron, because your body uses iron to metabolize it.

Don't psych yourself out about making mistakes or having a moment of weakness. No matter why you're trying it, being vegetarian/vegan still does a lot of great things even if you flub once or twice. Until you feel confident you have the nutrition aspect down, go easy on yourself and do stuff incrementally.

Socially, you'll have much fewer problems if you don't preach about it, or even bring it up. I would argue that PETA does more harm to the movement than good by making a scene and acting morally superior. Thats surprisingly hate able. You know what does good for the movement? Being a happy, healthy, level-headed person that can hold a conversation, be friendly, and be knowledgeable when questioned, and unimposing when not.

Ultimately, be nice, do your research, and have fun with it.
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