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A goal of Saya Dix on their 101 Things list with a status of In Progress.
34. Jeremiad - A prolonged lamenation or mournful complaint
  Posted 3 years ago
Other notes for this Goal:
33. Snuggery - A comfortable room or place
32. Oenomel - Something combining strength with sweetness
31. Larruping - Very; exceedingly (predominantly positive)
30. Cuncator - A procrastinator; Delayer
29. Ad hominem - Appealing to one's prejudices, emotions, or special interests rather than to one's intellect or reason; Attacking an opponents' character instead of their argument
28. Meliorism - The doctrine that the world tends to become better or may become better by human effort
27. bel-esprit - A person of great wit or intellect
26. Withershins/Widdershins - Contrary to the natural order (Esp. against the direction of the sun and counterclockwise)
25. Effloresce - To burst into bloom; blossom
24. Axiomatic - Of or pertaining to an axiom; self-evident; obvious
23. Immiscible - Incapable of being mixed
22. Achromic/Achromatic - Colorless; without coloring mattering
21. Espirit d'escalier - Thinking of a witty comeback when it's too late. Literally translated means "the wit of the staircase"
20. Tartle - The panic of forgetting someone's name
19. Mencolek - Tapping someone lightly (predominately on the shoulder) to fool them
18. Pana po'o - Scratching your head while trying to remember something
17. Tsundoku - Leaving a book unread after purchasing it
16. Groak - To silently watch someone while they are eating, hoping to be invited to join them.
15. Snowbroth - Freshly melted snow
14. Jargogle - To confuse or be confused
13. Apricity - Sun's warmth on cold winter days
12. Elflock - Tangled or matted hair. Perhaps of Elf's doing.
11. Gorgonize - To have a mesmerizing effect
10. Cockalorum - A person with a high opinion of themself
9. Curglaff - The shock of first entering cold water
8. Brabble - To argue loudly about inconsequential things
7. Twitter-light - Twilight
6. Quockerwodger - A wooden marionette (insult)
5. Resistentialism - Malevolent behavior by inanimate objects
4. Lethophobia - The fear of oblivion
3. Sluberdeguillion - A slovenly or slobbering person.
2. Curmuring - The rumbling sound you stomache makes. A rumbly tumbly. ;)
1. Lumming - heavy rain