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Cecilia Marie
Note added to goal Take the JLPT N4
I think I read like 4 chapters today hahaha.
Starting 6/12 with Inkheart
Update = clean out and upload anything cute that's missing (or new!)

This one is to list only things I really want right now.

Need to figure out how to optimise this for easy editing.
• Tumblr is good for display but I'd like to edit things more easily without making a new account - subtumblrs don't allow edit on the post's single page. So tumblr is out.
• Flickr utilises tags better than tumblr (imo) and it looks better as a collective if someone is browsing it than single-focus tumblr.
Cecilia Marie
Progress update:
I love how clean this looks: http://caity.nu/101-in-1001

Probably going to ditch this setup when my website is reskinned.
Iron Man (2008) - check
The Incredible Hulk (2008) - check
Thor (2011) - check
Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) - check
The Avengers (2012)
I'm really quite bad at this. I hope I can build up a habit.
Cecilia Marie
Progress update:
Trying to find the best way to check off daily, weekly and monthly tasks for the duration of the project... I signed up at tadalist but it's a bit simplistic, I would need to make a lot of lists! I signed up at Remember The Milk and Toodledo as well but I'm not sure if they're too UN-simplistic! Where is my happy medium? Sigh. It's late now though, must fiddle more tomorrow.
Cecilia Marie
Note added to goal Learn CSS/HTML
Study at least 1 instructional book
I REALLY need to stop holding on to those mini skirts I wore when I was 13. I'm 21 now, my hips are screaming "they don't fit anymore!" but my head won't listen.

I need to buy some more clothes before I can do this properly (otherwise I won't have any easy clothes to wear and won't want to get dressed at all)
Heavily considering:
* Taekwondo or Kung Fu
* Pole dancing
* Ballroom dancing

Would also consider:
* Ballet
* Book club
This is inspired by "FlyLady" and her Control Journal. She got it from an organisation book but I don't know which, and mine won't be quite as varied as I'm not running a household with kids and whatnot.

But my receipts, bills, appointment notices, university papers, pet registration info etc. needs a folder.

I had a filing book before but I found myself not wanting to get it out and put things inside because it was hard to find things without pulling everything out. A file? Much easier.
Books @ [goodreads.com/user][/show/6874180-chels]
Movies @ [flixster.com/user][/duriretlan]

For some reason it isn't letting me link my accounts, though.. Take out square brackets.
Substitute other liquids for water unless I have a specific craving. And even if I do, pair it with water as well, just 'cause.

Starting 6/12
I feel like changing this to 1+ BOTTLE of water, but I know I couldn't do that for a whole month, so we'll build up to it.

Now's the perfect time to start this one; Summer's just begun and it's hot!
Cecilia Marie
Note added to goal Meditate
Pre-task: Read the book my then-boyfriend bought me on meditation.
I have two blogs including my LiveJournal, but this goal only includes my proper, less personal domain blog, as my LiveJournal is more like a diary.

Cecilia Marie
Progress update:
26 things to go til I finish my list! That's enough for tonight. I'll finish it later I'm going to go through mission101.livejournal.com and look at some other ideas.
I've started watching Inu Yasha but it's kind of long, not sure if I'll finish this one.
Need to get some use out of my figure skates and redevelop my love for ice skating ♥ 0/5
Cat Haven is always so backed up with volunteers, I hope I can do this at all.. I'll have to find some other places too.
My mum's cat Tigger is an indoor/outdoor cat and Dizzy has only ever been an indoor cat.

He hasn't been happy staying indoors, so I don't think being outside will bother him, but he needs to learn not to jump the (very steep) fence, etc. and when he has to come inside (basically whenever he isn't supervised/when the door is closed, like when nobody's home and at night time).

I need to get him some toddler sunscreen too as he is a white kitty with pink ears and a pink nose and I don't want him to get sunburnt or, worse, develop skin cancer!
My mum is looking after my 1-year-old kitten (Dizzy). She already has an 11-year-old cat (Tigger), and though she's always been in a multicat home (prior to her was Fluffy, RIP, and then her son Tommy, RIP).

Tigger's been alone for a little while now since Tommy had to be put down, and she hasn't ever had to meet a new cat. It's distressing her a bit - she growls, hisses and gives evil stares!

It's only been two days (as of 5/12/11) so hopefully in a couple of weeks the situation is smoother. I'm guiding mum through it.
Possible websites:

* ameba.jp (blog site, I already have a blog... but I could read other blogs)

* auctions.yahoo.co.jp (though this would encourage spending...)

* mixi.jp (req Japanese mobile email)
My "look book" is my inspiration journal, where I print out pretty things from Tumblr and whatnot that make me smile and carry it with me in case I get down and need a lift up.
Cecilia Marie
Note added to goal Go to RFLAN

Missed out Dec '11, will attend ~Mar '12
It's a pink Wizard of Oz jumperskirt from Baby The Stars Shine Bright

I've needed glasses since I could talk and exclaimed "there's two nanas!" How I could differentiate between 20/20 vision and double vision without experiencing 20/20 vision, I don't know. I don't remember much from when I was 3.

I wore glasses permanently until I decided they were ugly and stopped wearing them to look prettier when I was in middle school. When I started getting headaches after high school and my nana said I'd go blind I freaked out (nice one, nana) and went to get an eye test (I guess her tactic worked).

My eyesight had improved rather drastically from my last eye test (a few years prior). Not wearing glasses and forcing my eyes to work harder had improved them! But I do need glasses for reading. I'm short-sighted though, I think.

Now that I'm going to be driving, though my eyesight is good enough to drive without correction as per my licensing, I'd prefer to have the convenience of seeing road signs sooner.
I am a hoarder. Oh, yes, I am. I was going to put "27 Fling Boogie" here but 100 things is much more on par with my clutter.
Booked my eye test for 6/12/11 at 2:30PM

Bring it on!
Include: adhesive strips, hypo-allergenic tape, bandages, dressings, antiseptic swabs & wipes, tweezers, disposable scissors & gloves, safety pins, resealable plastic bags, reference/info guides
Cecilia Marie
Note added to goal Bake 10 new things
I had too many cooking goals, lol.
This will probably be a Kpop dance from a kaotsun Youtube video, because she makes them seem so fun and she's a sweetie ^_^
C (car) class automatic license
Practical driving assessment
In a BOOK, not on Wikipedia, Chels.
Main, "directional" domain


fan.chelsilynn.com moving over to pink-sky.net
I'm really into classy and elegant clothes but I don't have many at all. I have a few sundresses but no sunhats (my head is 5cm smaller than average, so hats are always too big!), no 50s garden dresses (even though I've been pining over them for years), no Classic Lolita (not even classic loli-*able*)... And to be honest I don't have nearly enough pink.

This step is a pre-task to Clean out my wardrobe.
Cecilia Marie
Note added to goal Buy insurance
I definitely think car insurance is coming up in this list but I'm not sure about life insurance yet, or home & contents. That'll probably come later.
Applied, just gotta send them my private / un-accessible documentation and then I sit and wait..
Bachelor of Arts (Japanese/Asian Studies) at Curtin University

Applied 5/12/11
Cecilia Marie
Note added to goal Read 10 novels
It's hard to pick out what "book" means when I'm being picky, so I chose "novel", but that isn't much better.

Basically, books that I have to read every word, books with structure/plot, that's what I mean here.

Instructional books (CSS/HTML, meditation, crafts) are out.
Books about religion and other reference books are out.
Books with plot are in.

It's such a loose definition but it doesn't really matter.

I know what I want to include in the checklist or not ;D
Cecilia Marie
Note added to goal Learn JavaScript
Study at least 1 instructional book
Dependent on getting into university, so it stays in Someday until that goal is achieved

Grading at university goes like this:
N (fail, 0-49)
P (pass, 50-59)
C (credit, 50-69)
D (distinction, 70-79)
HD (high distinction, 80-100)

I tend to get Cs and Ds. I've only had one HD I think.. I wish I could get them all the time! But even when I try really hard I tend not to reach 80, usually 78 or 79 at highest (so cut!). I want to really buckle down.
* 6 lessons from CFI
* Ask my dad for lessons since nobody in my immediate family will teach me (nor would I want them to, eek!) Daddy taught my brother and he's a good driver.

Cecilia Marie
Note added to goal Buy a car
A family friend is looking to sell since his wife passed on. It's a red car and will be available from January for $1.5k. I need to find out if it's an automatic as I have no interest in owning (or driving) a manual, and if it is, I may have a car