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Long John Silver's is technically an American chain but I'm counting it because it's localized to down there and ate there when mom and I were shopping... 1 down with 4 to go!
tried Dunn's Famous Smoked Meat - DELICIOUS
went to Peel St. Pub in Montreal - it was okay

3 down, 2 to go
Attempted Colonnade Pizza, walked out because after 10-15 minutes we still hadn't received drinks. Very shabby and out-dated...NOT trying again.
I watched Season 3 and I'm in the process of watching all of Season 1
purchased my post cards!
Christie Barr
Note added to goal Knit a scarf
I'm on the last link of the spool knitting and then I just have to sew the whole thing together.
I've started this project but have yet to complete it. I'm hoping by having it on my list, I will be motivated towards completion.
Every few days I add to the book, hopefully I can get it done!
I finished the list, I plan on turning it into an art project at some point to put on my wall but first I would like to finish all the other projects I'm working on at the moment.
So I have started looking at and trying to complete my goals on a daily basis. Let's hope I can continue this.
Found a website that lists every city in the world...
I have read through 14 of 108 pages
just completed all the questions! They didn't necessarily change my life but I feel as though they helped me realize I have a level head and am on the right path in this world!
Found myself a list of local ottawa restaurants! Now i'm going to go through them an pick my 5
I have answered half of the questions at this point. Only another have to go. So far, I have done more enlightening question and answer exercises but since I'm only half way there I may be surprised by what comes out of the rest of this.
Christie Barr
Note added to goal save $10000
So I'm up at $6500, I'm getting there... have never had so much money in my entire life before. just worked out my investments and am hoping to get school paid off in the next 2-3 months.
made another template!
made a template as well. am excited to get started!
Started looking for quotes today!
Made a template and started brain-storming some ideas.
Definitely was unable to stick to my budget this month but am coming pretty close. Next month I plan to stay with it 100%. I've learned where I can trim expenses and other place that money can go towards.
So I managed to save tons of money! My goal was to buy my brother and brother-in-law birthday presents. I gave myself $60 to spend... I only spent $35 and got them the exact gifts that will make them happy!
Well I created a budget, now comes the time to try and stick to it!
So I ended up writing what I'm going to call an outline yesterday evening although I'm going to have a lot more things to add on to it. I think it will be really cool to read in 10 years.
Christie Barr
Note added to goal Fly on a plane
Danielle is moving to BC. This summer after she moves I plan on going to see her!
Christie Barr
Note added to goal Graduate
Just applied to take Event Management at Algonquin! Hopefully I get in, if I do then I want to graduate in this time.
Christie Barr
Note added to goal save $10000
This has been a goal of mine FOREVER and I really want to achieve it. I'm about halfway there at the moment and would like to get there... this is after bills and everything have been paid.
So I just found the list of questions. I'm gonna print them off and keep them with my diary so that I can take some time to answer them whenever I can.
Christie Barr
Note added to goal Knit a scarf
I started doing this a couple of month ago and never managed to finish it. I hope to pick it up again so that my first knitting project will be complete!