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A goal of Cristine Yabes on their 30 Challenges in 30 Days list with a status of Done.
August 21, 2014
Task#7. Go on a picnic.
Six days ago (August 16), we planned to go on a picnic. We used to set a picnic every weekend especially during Sunday since all members of the family are present. Despite the very busy scheds, we still recognize family day.
August 17, after attending the mass our titos and titas went buying something for the picnic. When they arrived home from the market, unexpected news was broadcasted - it was the death of our LOLA (whom we often call "mommy").
The planned picnic was broken. We ate by batch, since some of us have to settle this thing, that thing, those things for the funeral.
We only wished for a weekend picnic but what was given to us was five days picnic since we have to cook enough food to cater those who will visit the funeral and it was extended until this day.
Yes it is a picnic, the only thing different is, as we take in, chew and swallow the foods we had prepare, we also whisper to ourselves "SANA 'DI KA MUNA NAWALA PARA KASAMA KA PA RIN NAMING KUMAKAIN"

  Posted 5 years ago
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