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A goal of Dawn on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of In Progress.
August: Scallops with Pancetta and Sage. WOW!!! Besides the lack of grill marks they were delicious. I really thought that the sage would have been overpowering but was pleasantly surprised by its mellow flavour. Next time I’ll cook on a higher heat.
Added 27 days ago
Other notes for this Goal:

August: Peri Peri sauces. The two on the right are mild and the three on the left are super hot. Not sure how long these are going to last. I’m going to put this sauce on everything!!!!

August: Peri Peri Chicken. Oh my... it was so delicious. Will definitely make again.

July: I first had to forge for 12 cups of wild blackberries. Ended up with 5 small jars of jelly. Definitely worth the effort.

July: Vegan Blueberry Scones were a big hit

July: Shrimp Scampi. It had some nice heat to it. Bonus was fresh parsley from the garden.

June: Three new recipes in one night. I was feeling very ambitious. This was a very easy version on an upside down pineapple cake. Individual cakes baked on the bbq. I’ll be making these again.

June: Marinated chicken with a peanut sauce.

June: Lamb Chops..,. I’ve never had the courage to make these. But they were absolutely delicious. I will definitely make these again.

May: Lentil, potato and carrot patty. Dipped in a chilli sauce added just enough of a spice. Will be making these again.

April: I've made a few new dishes this month but they weren't overly exciting (egg roll soup). Due to the lock down the ingredients that I needed for the seafood salad that I wanted to make were unavailable. So, my daughter suggested a Croque Monsieur. Well, it's a grilled cheese sandwich kicked up quite a few notches. It's mainly made with ham and gruyere cheese and is baked not pan fried. Let's just say that I will be making this again.

March: Beef Rouladen I was a little leery of pickles with my beef but I was pleasantly surprised. I’ll be making this again.

February: Rolled Pecan Pie Cake. So delicious.

January: Individual Beef Wellington were a great success. Everyone loved them.