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A goal of Jennifer on their 101 Things in 1001 Days list with a status of Done.
Took 3 tries, and I finally had to settle for marking the 1:12pm EST which would be 12:12pm CST (Wisconsin time / God's time) where much of my family lives as well as my second home and alma mater.

I WISH...to consistently urge myself to put one foot in front of the other...to become a more active participant and experience life to the fullest length and width, rather than as solely a spectator...to be aware/conscious of the “here and now”...to be willing to take risks and appear stupid, all while smiling/laughing...to become reasonably independent...to have a meaningful, committed, romantic relationship with all the trials and tribulations of cohabitation, including arguments/adjustments, plus the fuzzy sentiments of sex/cuddling...to discover my ideal “purpose” in the workforce, consisting of a routine schedule of primarily weekdays (Sunday should always remain a day of rest), the ability to travel and spend the time with family during all holidays, a “living” income, and personal benefits to preserve my health and physical and mental well-being...to protect, nurture, guide, and love creatures more dependent than myself, including – but not limited to – children and animals...to establish goals and to more often follow through with my bundle of intentions (“Done is better than Perfect”)...to trust that there is a reason for everything and everyone and to use those lessons (“no regrets”) as a basis for continual growth and metamorphosis...
  Posted 7 years ago
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