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Seems silly to me but I returned a cart from an elderly lady in the bitter cold who walked with a cane. She was SOOOOOO thankful and called me an angel. It was such an easy, small gesture but it made her evening and saved her a lot of trouble. Dec 3, 2019
Grinch Cookies for the 2019 cookie exchange
Mini alcohol bottles with Tami. Posted on IG
Kimber Dunn
Note added to goal Get a New Job
H & R Block
4. Fawn Doe Rosa Wisconsin - August 2, 2019
Gave away a ticket to Crayola Experience to a little girl at MOA - November 30, 2019
March 31, 2018 - Tami & I got the friends/sisters tattoo on left wrist but have to finish background.
10. A Farewell To Arms
The Sun Also Rises - November 15, 2019
A Farewell To Arms - November 20, 2019
Kimber Dunn
Note added to goal Make A New Friend
Clara Mae on the Amtrak
Took Clara Mae to dinner after meeting her on the train. Random. Nov. 2 2019
3. LynnHaven Coffee Company - Virginia Beach - October 30, 2019
West Side Story
Guys & Dolls
Glass Menagerie
Basketball one (need to find the name)
Noises Off
Jerome Weatherspoon - on the Amtrak train from Chicago to DC - October 28 2019
Kimber Dunn
Note added to goal Go Salmon Fishing
Tami & I tried unsuccessfully to salmon fish on the Kenai River
Slept on Tami's dad's boat in the Prince William Sound
3. Virginia Beach Aquarium - October 2019
2. Nora's in St. Paul with Todd - Sept 20, 2019
Kimber Dunn
Note added to goal Tour a Navy Base
Little Creek Naval Base - Virginia Beach with Dakota - Oct. 2019
Oct. 2019 - Mermaid Winery, Virginia Beach
Train to Chicago, a sleeper car from Chicago to DC, another train to Virginia. October 27/28 and back again November 1/2. 2019
Thai Rolled Ice Cream
Fried Chorizo Tacos on a Stick
Shrimp & Grit Fritters
Tried several new places - Hamburger place in Hudson with Todd, a place in Mound with Brian, a couple places in Isanti/East Bethel with Tami. August 2019
August 23, 2019 - Thai place by the Guthrie with Jena
With Todd Seekel

Sea Turtle, Oahu Hawaii March 2017

Spotted this black bear on the shoreline somewhere in Prince William Sound, Alaska!

Orphaned baby moose in the yard! Named him Marty.
Saw a mama & baby moose on the drive from airport to the house, and then an orphaned baby moose at the house.
Kimber Dunn
Note added to goal Visit Alaska
Visited Kenai Peninsula - Sterling, Homer, Whittier, Steward
9. Cat On A Hot Tin Roof - March 10, 2019
8. Rebel Without A Cause - March 10, 2019
7. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner? - February 27, 2019
6. Top Gun - March 10, 2019
5 - 10. July 2018 - Door County Wineries with Mom, Brenda & Tami.

Door 44
Door Peninsula
Harbor Ridge
Red Oak
with Dalton - Orange Beach
January 19 2019 - Keg & Case w/Mike
January 12, 2019 - Spoon River (across from Guthrie) with Mike
November 17, 2018 - LoLo's in Stillwater with Mike
August 24, 2018 - Guthrie Take 5 Cafe with Judi
February 18, 2018 - can't remember name, german place by farmers market with Mike
August 5, 2017 - Nacho Mama's in Stillwater with MN Navy Mom's & Tami
Sept 23, 2017 - Matt's Juicy Lucy with Mike
March 5, 2017 - Jefe Urban Hacienda (Mexican Street Food) Main Street SE Minneapolis with Mike
Taylor Swift concert at US Bank Stadium, Executive Suites thanks to Brenda Peltier & company
1. Northwoods Roasterie in Lindstrom - May 14, 2017
4. May 13, 2018 - Two Rivers Winery in Ramsey with Tami
3. May 13, 2018 - Millner Heritage in St. Cloud with Tami
1. May 14, 2017 - Chateau St. Croix with Tami & Mom
2. July 16, 2017 - St. Croix Winery in Stillwater with Mike